Sep 17, 2020
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Averbukh gives birth to a new complex in Buzovoy during the “Ice Age”

Olya is too “big” to perform difficult elements, according to the coach.

Olga Buzova with Ilya Averbukh and Dmitry Solovyov in training
Photo: Instagram

The shooting of "Ice Age" is in full swing and recently Olga Buzova told about the "funny" case with Ilya Averbukh. Even on the first day of training, he called her “big” and forbade her to perform difficult support with partner Dmitry Solovyov. Knowing how touchy Olya is, a new complex near Buzovaya is just around the corner.

“When we put on the first number and discussed the possibility of some kind of support, one support immediately changed with the words: no, it's big! Ilya said that. We laughed together, this was by no means said with a desire to prick. I always thought that I was tall, stately, graceful, but in figure skating it is called big, ”Buzova said after training.

Olga Buzova is a confident and successful woman, and even though she says that she was not offended and laughed at herself, this is not entirely true. She is used to being “first” in everything, and such comments in her address offend her.

By the way, Olga's new complex about "her own ugliness" is not the only problem associated with the "Ice Age". Her fiancé David Manukyan left caustic comments on social networks under photos from training. He is jealous of Buzov to Solovyov. This can be seen with the naked eye. And yesterday he generally fell into depression, which also happened to Olya. She asked her loyal followers to support her.

Oleg Lugansky

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