Sep 17, 2020
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Average debt burden of Russians increased in 2020

The average monthly payment on loans and microloans for the year increased by 5.8% and amounted to 8.9 thousand rubles in August, the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPKA) reported.

However, the collectors noted that there is a possibility that the financial model of behavior of Russians has changed and they have become more active in repaying loans. transfers PRIME.

Today, on average, borrowers spend 8.9 thousand rubles a month on paying off their obligations to banks and MFOs, this amount has grown by 5.8% over the year, and by 3.5% since the beginning of the year. It is likely that Russians began to spend more funds to pay off current debt obligations after the transition to a savings model of behavior, - said in NAPKA.

In general, according to the association, about 40 million Russians are only bank borrowers, of which 36% have more than two loans, while the average payment of a bank borrower ranges from 2.4 thousand rubles to 100 thousand rubles, depending on the type of credit institution, segment lending and the number of loans.

The highest average monthly payment among Muscovites and St. Petersburgers - 13.4 and 13.2 thousand rubles, respectively, the lowest - among residents of Ingushetia (4.4 thousand rubles).

The size of the average loan payment depends, as Oleg Lagutkin, the general director of the Equifax credit history bureau, explained, on the term of the loan, its amount and interest rate. Since recently, the loan term has been increasing with a decrease in the interest rate, monthly payments are decreasing. Therefore, the main reason for the increase in the average loan payment is the increase in the size of loans.

As wrote earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers is studying the initiative to introduce in Russia the possibility of online mortgages for an indefinite period, the press service of Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin reports.

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