Feb 19, 2021
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Australian PM calls Facebook blocking a threat

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the blocking of local media pages on Facebook a threat that strengthened the government’s resolve to adopt a code for the media space, TASS reports.

“This is Australia, if you want to do business here, you work by our rules. But the idea of ​​shutting down sites that they did yesterday is kind of a threat and not a very good move on their part. We need to quickly step over this and get back to the negotiating table, ”Morrison said.

The country’s chief treasurer, Josh Freidenberg, stressed that this is not about commerce, but the sovereignty of Australia. He said Australia has called on other countries to support it in its fight to regulate the media market.

The Facebook administration completely removed Australian media posts from their official pages on 18 February.

A company spokesman explained on his blog that this is due to a new Australian law that will oblige individual publications to pay for links to their news in search results.

At the end of January it was reported that Google did not rule out the possibility of disconnecting Australia from its search service if the country’s authorities passed a new law on media content.

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