Oct 5, 2021
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Australia as a testing ground for covid fascism

Even the most advanced authors of dystopias have never dreamed of what is happening in Australia today. The police are asking the government to ban planes from flying over Melbourne, otherwise crowds of protesters can be seen from a bird’s eye view when they are supposedly not there officially. Along the way, they shoot at people, beat them until they lose consciousness, arrest them, go from door to door to “suspected of supporting” the covid regime and threaten everyone who is not vaccinated with jail. In short, Australia has become a testing ground for the social technologies of sanitary fascism in all its glory. Technologies that globalists, if left unchecked, will continue to push forward around the world.

While in Russia, the regions are just beginning to introduce quarantines and QR codes, and in the United States they cannot reach a consensus on mandatory vaccination in all states and amounts for employers who refuse to pay 700 thousand dollars for chipping workers, in a distant British colony – in Australia, “social technologies of the future” are already being tested. No, they have not switched to green energy, people at construction sites and in the field have not been replaced by robots. There are no conquerors of Mars there, even the secret of eternal life has not been discovered. All this, as it was, remained in the heads of science fiction writers.

The same future, which is just being rolled out in the States, Russia, Europe and the rest of the world, is much more mundane and sad – endless quarantine, endless distancing, endless injections of GMO rubbish, which at the same time are called vaccines, and, as a result, a psychological crisis health of those who accept the rules of the “game” and reprisals against those who oppose these rules. Moreover, the reprisals against the protests are increasingly reminiscent of the actions of the occupation forces. And the tougher they become, the less clear it is to the country’s leadership what to do with “this people.”

So, against the backdrop of unceasing for two weeks of protests and clashes in Melbourne, the Australian police asked the government to declare no-fly zones over the places of mass protests. The reason is simply gorgeous, as Gideon Rosner, director of policy at the Melbourne Institute for Public Relations in an interview with Fox News, will ask the FAA to declare a no-fly zone over Melbourne to prevent commercial media from filming the protests and showing how big they are. …

“The thing is, the coronavirus has completely changed the relationship between government and citizenship in this country … This is a radical new era that we saw in Australia. Police in my home state of Victoria have asked the FAA to declare a no-fly zone over Melbourne to allow commercial The media could not film the protests if people saw how big they were and joined in. This is an extraordinary step for the government. The police are censoring broadcast media? And that was mostly accepted, “the Australian official said.

We translate, this statesman is in his right mind and seems to be telling the media in memory that they introduced censorship in the media, and in order not to reveal the truth about the scale of the protests, they ask not to fly over Melbourne and not interfere with the repression of his employers, that is, people. Moreover, they are fierce there in the style of the Gestapo of the 30s of the last century. So much so that even the Russia 24 channel, which is ultra-loyal to sanitary fascism, showed a small part of the lawlessness in Australia.

And here are the footage of “coronavirus treatment” in Australian style, which went around all social networks.

Recall that after 5 quarantines and total vaccinations (if the level is 60% throughout Australia, then in the states of New Wales and Victoria, where Melbourne is located, they plan to reach 80% and cancel benefits), the state authorities announced that the coronavirus is forever and decided to introduce the 6th lockdown. Along the way, they demanded that workers and builders be vaccinated and sit at home for a while without a paycheck. Moreover, according to local social networks, it all started with a trifle – local builders, even if they were chipped, at least not, were forbidden to use kitchens and even reheat food. Why? Because officials somehow need to do something. And there are many builders in Australia – about 20%. And if, after the ban on using kitchens, they went out to eat, then after the demand to return the kitchens to them, the government closed the construction sites. In response, the proletariat first smashed the trade union of builders, whose leaders fell under the government, and then went out into the street with a question to the government: who will feed our families when the nth part is dead due to “vaccination”. Fortunately, there was a lot of information about the victims of vaccines on Twitter, and apparently there were enough among friends that on September 19 about 20 thousand people, whom the media persistently, until the last confession of the police, called “hundreds”, went to ask the state leadership.

Since then, two weeks have passed, doctors, teachers and other townspeople have joined the builders and workers. Moreover, in May, the same government almost forcibly rounded up the people to rallies for the BLM, and here they all declared “fascists”, “ultra-radicals” and so on. And right off the bat, as noted in Russia 24, the state leadership, instead of talking, switched to terror in the streets, and now, in general, to complete terror at home. For example, the Minister of Customer Service of New South Wales Victor Dominello threatened with arrest people who will walk the streets without digital ausweis. “If people want to do the wrong thing, if they are exposed, as I said, there could be jail time,” – said Dominello. According to the report, people who also try to enter without showing anything will also be arrested. “Mr Dominello reiterated that those who refuse to show their vaccine status when entering shops, restaurants and other establishments should be reported to the police,” – the message says.

And Infovars also writes that the Australians, whom the police simply suspects that they may be planning to take part in a protest against tyranny against covid-breeding intimidated by home visits. Along the way, local security officials began to jail the leaders of the protest. And to “calm down” the most stubborn came either the military or the PMC fighters.

However, no matter how the officials swagger, the stubbornness of the builders and too active support from the people scares them and is not weak. In order to reassure the citizens there promised “softening” in October, opening of borders from November. One of the top vaccinators, the South Wells Premier, has resigned over a corruption investigation. The media write that the protest is fading away (although it is not clear why then the ruling ghouls are afraid of planes flying over Melbourne, from which they can photograph crowds of protesters).

Moreover, with a request to end quarantines and remove restrictions on builders and workers, and the townspeople, representatives of both large and small businesses joined. They wrote letters to the government, in which they accused him of politicizing, as it were, the medical process. The companies that signed the letter “… employ nearly a million Australians” and warned that the blockages have a “long-term” effect on the economy. Signatories argue that Australia is making “big mistakes” by making blockages so severe (and so infinitely long), and the Australian government is putting politics ahead of the well-being of the Australian people ahead of federal elections due by the end of May – when the current Senate term expires … Considering that the United States and Schwab are far away, and the masters of the local colonial administration are dissatisfied, one way or another, the local Covid party needs time to “persuade” big business and intimidate small businesses.

And this means that after a very short time they will return to the social experiment on the introduction of sanitary fascism, and their developments will go to other countries of the world. Already in the United States, they started talking about covid camps “for unvaccinated suspects in the disease” and fines for employers of 700 thousand dollars for refusing to vaccinate employees, and ours, God forbid, will see what to take for themselves. Although, maybe even the stubbornness of the builders and the townspeople will be frightened – terror, be it at least from the part of the militants, even from the part of the “light-faced liberals” always generates a response.

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