Oct 20, 2021
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Austin in Kiev handed out a portion of cookies – and received a tank in return

Photo: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin

Photo: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (Photo: AP / TASS)

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin accused Russia of starting the war in Donbass. He made such a loud statement during a briefing with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andrey Taran… According to him, “Russia started this war, and Russia is the stone that impedes a peaceful settlement.”

The American minister promised Ukraine support in “protecting territorial integrity and inviolability”, and also called on Russia “to stop destabilizing actions in the Black Sea and along the borders with Ukraine.” At the same time, he recalled that in 2014, the United States allocated more than $ 2.5 billion for the armed forces of Ukraine.

In response, on the day of Austin’s visit to Kiev, Ukraine handed over to the United States the promised one Oplot tank. Either on account of the billions received, or in confirmation of good intentions to fulfill contractual obligations.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, a well-known for her generosity visited Russia Victoria Nuland… She also discussed with the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak the situation in the south-east of Ukraine. What exactly the US Undersecretary of State was proposing remained behind the scenes, but, apparently, her cookies did not make an impression on Moscow. And so, heavy artillery was used.

Konstantin Blokhin, Leading Researcher at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences not surprised by the accusations of the head of the Pentagon against Russia.

– These statements are not new, they are already a dogma among American, Ukrainian and some European politicians. Austin said what the Ukraine wanted to hear.
The specifics of negotiations with Nuland in their essence, of course, remained behind closed doors. We can only assume that, based on its specialization, Ukraine was discussed, and Central Asia was also affected.

“SP”: – Austin visited Kiev before the meeting of NATO defense ministers, which will be held October 21-22 in Brussels. It is to this alliance that Ukraine is striving so hard. What are the prospects?

– I don’t think we really need to wait for Ukraine to join NATO in the near future. First, the Americans are completely satisfied with the current US-Ukraine cooperation on a number of issues. Ukraine is completely under American control. This is a no-obligation partnership. But if Ukraine joins NATO, then the United States will already bear some responsibility for it. This is what Ukraine wants. She wants capital financial investments in her economy, she is not satisfied with scanty handouts, some tranches in the amount of $ 60 million, which cannot be cleared up. She is waiting for tens of billions of dollars.

The Americans do not want to be involved in a conflict with Russia because of Ukraine, this is not in their interests. The Americans are constantly, as it were, encouraging Ukraine by the fact that in some future it will enter NATO. This is the same practice as with Turkey, which for decades tried to integrate into the European Union and was left behind.

If you look at what American high-ranking officials say, for example, the current director of the CIA, then NATO’s current goal is not to expand, but to consolidate the alliance. They are interested in making it a more efficient, capable instrument. A report from one of the leading American think tanks examines the cost of NATO enlargement – how much it will cost American taxpayers to integrate new members, including Ukraine. This is a hundreds of billion dollar question.

Moreover, Washington’s global strategy is aimed at rebalancing power. Today, the main focus for the United States is the Asia-Pacific region. The future major economic center and center from where the challenges to American leadership and hegemony will come is China. The United States aims to consolidate resources and direct them to a policy of containment, first of all, of China.

Eastern Europe in the United States is interesting, but it is no longer a top priority. Ukraine is an important zone of influence for them, but now it is a periphery. She will be promised all sorts of benefits, they will continue the previous policy, but at the same time they will say that she has not reached any indicators. For the United States, Ukraine in NATO is a burden.

Minister Austin said what he wanted to hear from him, of course, a Russophobic regime that is in line with American interests.

Kharkiv political scientist, former political prisoner Alexey Samoilov proposes not to attach importance to the Nuland talks in Moscow.

– She is just a state functionary, albeit of a high level. She could not have had “unproductive” negotiations, because her goal was to come and clarify the position of the Russian side on three basic issues for the Americans. Especially considering that the initiative was on their part. They went to huge image losses within themselves to find out what the Russians think.

She met with three Russian functionaries, talked, signed nothing. Three people – assistant to the president Yuri Ushakov, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov and the deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak she was told that we will have this and that, and then, as you wish.

Austin, having arrived in Kiev, confirmed all the previous American directives. And when they said that Russia was not a participant, that they were against Minsk, they said nothing new.

“SP”: – After Austin supported and inspired the Ukrainians, will Kiev not go to the aggravation of the conflict in order to please the overlord?

– And because of this, die in agony, after hilling with the “Grad”? Or be captured in a basement in Donetsk or Lugansk? Or freeze in the trenches? Well no! It’s all good on blogs, Facebook, on the pages of newspapers, and on the TV screen. And who wants to leave the real meat on the battlefield?

In addition, the first signs of preparation for military action are the redeployment of the armed forces, the adjustment of medical, food, logistical and other forces to the prepared front line. This is not the case. There are show-off, clown rhetoric. They are solving their task of hilling the electorate, whose brain has already ceased to perform its functions.

Austin came to cheer. Ukrainian diplomacy, I think, did a very good job, because the ratings Vladimir Zelensky need to be reinforced.

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