Aug 21, 2020
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Auchan dismissed dozens of employees as part of its anti-corruption program

Dozens of specialists from the Russian division of "Ashan" lost their jobs in 2020, as they were "close to corruption," said the head of the division, Johannes Tolay.

This happened after the creation of the compliance support committee in January 2020 - for internal control over the compliance of the company and its employees with the legislation. The new top manager of the division ordered to create such a department almost immediately after his appointment in November 2019, transfers RBC.

The fight against corruption and rollback schemes is a topic that always accompanies you as a top manager in retail- explained Tolay.

It is clarified that all dismissed, according to the employer, neglected their job descriptions, lost the confidence of the management and were close to corruption in the end.

Earlier, the ex-director of the French retailer in Russia, Alexei Zharkov, said that Auchan lost about 2-3% of its turnover (€ 80-100 million) annually due to corrupt management schemes. An anti-corruption lawyer identified a series of violations in relations with major suppliers. In August 2019, an attack was committed on Zharkov, which, according to his lawyer Igor Bushmanov, was linked by the investigating authorities to the victim's professional activities. As the lawyer stated, among the persons identified by the investigation who could be hindered by Zharkov's activities, there are both network employees and French citizens related to the company's activities.

In an interview with RBC, Tolay said that he did not know the details of the case with Zharkov, but, as far as he knew, none of the company's employees was involved in the case as a witness or a suspect.

As wrote earlier, for six months in Russia, the number of unsolved criminal cases initiated under articles of bribery has tripled. In total, 782 crimes remained unsolved from January to June, their number doubled.

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