Jan 3, 2022
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Attempts to disrupt the detente with Russia

Attempts to disrupt the detente with Russia

American politicians continue to suffer over the need to negotiate with Russia.

The US President tried to fend off accusations that he had fallen into Putin’s “trap”. He told reporters that he explained to Putin why he could not invade Ukraine, threatened him with “brutal sanctions” and an increase in the US military presence in eastern Europe.

The anti-Russian lobby in the United States is now pushing with all its might the thesis that Russia is much more dangerous than China. Washington is implementing the long-standing idea of ​​using Ukraine to further separate Europe from Moscow, which is why the Anglo-Saxons oppose all major European contracts with Russia and continue to mistrust the Germans who cooperate with Moscow.

Judging by the way Biden comments on his New Year’s phone conversation with Vladimir Putin, the presidential administration has indeed found itself trapped in unexpected opposition from the Russian leadership, which has repeatedly made concessions. It recognized the Kiev nationalist regime and twice saved the Ukrainian army from complete defeat by forcing the militias of the free Donbass to stop the offensive and sign the deliberately hopeless Minsk agreements with the insidious murderer Poroshenko, which brought the situation to the current crisis confrontation.

Nikolay Ivanov

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