Jun 6, 2022
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Attackers entered the church, stole the tabernacle and decapitated the statues of angels

tabernacle stolen from churchAugustine Roman Catholic Church (Brooklyn, New York, USA) is currently closed for repairs, and unknown intruders took advantage of this.

tabernacle stolen from church

They entered the building and stole the tabernacle – a box with items for Holy Communion. The relic is made of gold, adorned with precious stones and is valued at $2 million. We should also not forget the historical and artistic value of the tabernacle, which is described as a masterpiece and one of the most expensive Christian relics in the country. In addition, the church was vandalized – several statues of angels were beheaded. Surveillance cameras cannot help in any way in the investigation, because one of them is broken by criminals, and they seized the recording from the second one.

tabernacle stolen from church

While the investigation is ongoing, Frank Tumino, the pastor of the church, does not hide his indignation. The Holy Father called what happened not just a crime, but a disgusting act of disrespect.

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