Aug 13, 2022
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Attack on the airfield in the Crimea: the Pentagon moves arrows to Ukraine

Powerful attack on Russian air base in Crimea was the work of Ukrainian special forces, said Washington Post unnamed Ukrainian government official. He did not disclose details of how exactly the attack was carried out. The official spoke on condition of anonymity, since he is not authorized to publicly cover this issue.

This attack significantly increases the escalation of the conflict, which has lasted almost six months, the authors of the article say.

At least three explosions reported at Saki airfield on Tuesday in the coastal zone of the Crimean peninsula, which is a popular holiday destination for Russians.

The Ukrainian Air Force said on Wednesday that nine Russian military aircraft were destroyed at the base, which authorities say were used by Russia to carry out missile strikes on Ukrainian territory.

If this is confirmed, the losses for the Russian Air Force will be the largest in one day since the start of the war and could limit Russia’s ability to launch missile strikes, at least in the short term, fantasizes VP.

Crimea is a key logistical hub for Russian operations in the south, the main transit point for troops, equipment and ammunition, reinforcing and supplying the Kherson region.

“If Crimea is vulnerable to further attack, Russia will have to guard a part of Ukraine where it assumed it could operate unhindered. And that could interfere with her ability to reinforce and supply her troops in the south.” – quotes the American edition of Andrei Zagorodnyuk. This is the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine, who is now the chairman of the Ukrainian Center for Defense Strategies. That is, the failed minister went to the experts.

“The most important thing is that they cannot feel safe in Crimea,” he added.

Officially, Kyiv refused to confirm the involvement of Ukrainians in the explosions at the air base. But on Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised in his address to retake the territory of Crimea. “Crimea is Ukrainian, and we will never give it up”– he said. Apparently VP sees in this some hint of Ukraine’s participation in the events at the airfield near Sakami.

What exactly caused the explosions at the base remains a source of speculation. If Ukraine were responsible for them, it could not officially disclose its methods, writes VP.

Some military experts suspect that the attack at the Saki airfield could have been carried out, as in Sevastopol, by some kind of drone, possibly controlled by “shadow forces” hidden nearby.

Another version is that the explosives were planted by saboteurs at key points in the facility, experts say.

According to the Secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov, led by the Ukrainian special operations forces and under the general command of the Ukrainian army, “shadow forces”, consisting of trained saboteurs and local sympathizers, are stepping up activities aimed at disrupting the logistics, control and command of the RF Armed Forces .

The Saki air base is located more than 140 miles from the nearest front line, and US officials said Washington Post, that the American HIMARS weapons were not used in the attack. But the so-called “partisans” have played a role in helping locate key targets and in providing coordinates for HIMARS, Ukrainian officials are already saying.

The Kremlin has not responded to Ukrainian claims based on unverified satellite imagery.

Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov in posts in Telegram, and at a briefing for reporters at the scene, he also said nothing about military casualties, saying only that serious damage had been done to civilian structures, including 62 apartment buildings and 20 shops, and also announced the evacuation of 252 people.

Our comment: Given the speed with which the publication appeared in VPthe Americans made efforts to absolve themselves of any responsibility for the attack on the military airfield in the Crimea. Moreover, later the Pentagon said: “We did not give Ukraine anything that they could use to strike at the Crimea. But at the end of the day, this is a Ukrainian war, and it is the Ukrainians who choose their targets.”.

For their part, Ukrainian officials and experts insist that the explosions at the Crimean airfield are a victory of trained saboteurs with the support of local Ukrainian sympathizers.

However, it has long been no secret that the Ukrainian leadership is coordinating the goals with the United States and Great Britain. It is also no secret that Washington and London are supplying intelligence to Kyiv.

It is interesting how The Washington Post explains why Ukraine attacked an airfield in Crimea. According to the authors of the article, “this could have a profound impact on Russia’s long-term ability to maintain its control over southern Ukraine, and especially over the neighboring province of Kherson, where Ukrainian forces hope to launch a counteroffensive to retake the territory.”

That is, in this way the Americans prepared Ukraine for a counteroffensive, which never took place. It was planned, on the one hand, to hit the Crimea, on the other hand, to throw troops into the attack in the Kherson direction. That was the idea, now it’s clear.

August 12 journalists VP wrote that there were “little signs of a Ukrainian offensive” on the front lines in the south, and the military “expressed concern that Russia might be preparing its own new offensive in the area.”

In the light of what The Washington Post said, the events in the Russian Crimea look, on the one hand, as actions designed to neutralize the negative effect of the unpreparedness of the Ukrainian army for a counteroffensive on the southern front. In this sense, adviser to the head of the President’s Office Mikhail Podolyak is right when he said the other day that the announcement of a counteroffensive on Kherson should be viewed through the prism of information warfare.

Indeed, the attack on the airfield in Crimea overshadowed the news about the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the southern front, and on the eastern one too. The Anglo-Saxons, who undoubtedly led this operation, saved the reputation of the Kyiv regime.

On the other hand, it was extremely important for them to reach Russian military facilities in Crimea. Feel the vulnerability.

The algorithm of actions of the curators of Ukraine is becoming more and more obvious: the response to the failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the theater of operations is stopped by high-profile media attacks on the territories controlled by the Russian Federation or the Russian Federation itself. Thus, the real advancement of the allied forces of Russia, the DPR and the LPR, Ukraine on a leash from the curators will “slow down” on the information theater.

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