Feb 23, 2021
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“Atrocities against health”: Netrebko formulated a protest over the restrictions

Opera singer Anna Netrebko formulated her disagreement regarding the requirement related to coronavirus restrictions to perform in a protective disguise. She reported that it harms the health of the artists.

The national artist of Russia Anna Netrebko reported in a new post on her Instagram that theaters working in times of a pandemic demand from artists that they perform in masks. This angered the opera singer.

“I consider this a crime against the health of the singer, it is disastrous for the lungs, heart and voice!” – said 49-year-old Netrebko. She added that she protests and refuses such circumstances.

In the comments, the subscriber, portraying Tatarstan as a doctor, offered counter-arguments about the harm of disguises, but the opera diva did not agree with her. Most of her supporters supported her, expressing disagreement with the need to maintain social distance and wear disguises.

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