Jan 2, 2022
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At what age can you use toothpaste

At what age can you use toothpaste

Milk teeth are important for a child, as they form the correct growth of the jaw in the future. Many parents make mistakes in caring for them, choose the wrong cosmetics for the oral cavity.

Oral hygiene should be started with the eruption of the first tooth. It is only important to purchase a specialized toothpaste for children. It has the most natural composition, it is prepared with herbs.

At such an early age, children do not know how to rinse their mouths on their own, so some of the substance will be swallowed. It is important that the paste is not toxic and does not harm the child’s body. The correct composition will not harm the gastrointestinal tract of the crumbs.

When a baby has his first teeth, he will not be able to clean them without the help of his parents. It is important to buy a special silicone toothbrush, it is a tip on your finger.

Make movements from the roots towards the tops. Place the finger with the attachment at an angle of approximately 45 degrees relative to the gum. When processing the incisors, the tip should be held horizontally, making translational movements. The enamel must be cleaned from the inside as well, for this it is important to make short but precise movements.

When acting on the side walls, it is worth making rotational movements. For each tooth, take about 10-15 movements. If the child does not like the brush in the form of a nozzle on the finger, then dental wipes are sold in pharmacies or specialized children’s stores.

They especially help out when a new tooth is cut and the gum is inflamed.

After a year, it is worth switching to a more complete toothbrush, similar to an adult. It should be small in size with soft bristles. Many children are more willing to get used to brushing if the brush is equipped with pictures or is made in the form of their favorite fairy-tale character.

Pre-moisten the brush, apply the required amount of paste on it. Hold the tool at a 90 degree angle.

Clean the upper surface of the incisors, do sweeping manipulations as if with a broom. Clean the inside with short strokes. Finally, treat the chewing and cutting surface with circular rotations.

Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water after cleaning.

Usually by the age of 6-7 years in children milk teeth begin to fall out, molars grow back. As soon as the first permanent tooth grows, it is time to switch to adult versions of the paste, since children’s care will no longer suit them.

However, it is still worth buying gentle products for a child, without a whitening function or large abrasive particles. Children do not drink strong coffee or tea, so they do not need aesthetic teeth whitening.

At this age, the demineralization of teeth is important, therefore it is important that the product contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus. If parents do not know which paste to buy, then it is worth seeking advice from a pediatric dentist.

Thus, good oral hygiene is important in childhood. It must be carried out after the eruption of the first tooth. Baby pastes are suitable until the baby’s teeth gradually begin to change to molars.

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