May 5, 2022
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At the reception to the Gauleiter of Ukraine

Germans need to understand who controls their politics

If you look closely at German-Ukrainian relations, a rather piquant circumstance will become clear: it is not Germany at all, this economic “locomotive of Europe” with powerful political, financial and material support for Ukraine, with the shipment of arms shipments, in which heavy systems occupy more and more space, is senior partner in bilateral relations. The tone in the relationship is set not by the one who invests more, but by the one who barks louder. It is clear that this barking is dedicated to the tireless struggle of the Germans for democratic values, and if this is a sacrificial struggle, then who can be compared with Ukraine here. For example, Andriy Melnyk, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, called Chancellor Olaf Scholz an “offended liverwurst” in response to the fact that the chancellor refused an official visit to Kyiv. In Germany, there is a legend that once a butcher cooked various meat products in a large cauldron. After they were ready, he pulled them out of the boiling cauldron, but did not look after them and left the liverwurst in there, which burst. So the joke went that the sausage burst due to resentment towards the butcher. Not every ambassador will dare to compare the head of government of the country in which he is accredited with a spoiled meat product. Here, you will agree, considerable impudence is required. And Melnik has enough of it.

The reason for refusing to visit Kyiv was for Scholz Zelensky’s refusal to receive German President Steinmeier a little earlier for being “too soft with the Russians.” In other words, the German president did not demand a stop to Nord Stream 2. Steinmeier’s trouble lies in the fact that in his previous years in the government, he oversaw the German intelligence services and contacts in them, in all likelihood, still remain. These contacts, due to their specific nature, do not portend Germany’s most prosperous future after Russia’s energy blockade. This affected the behavior of the president, for which he was publicly flogged by the Gauleiter of Ukraine Zelensky. After all, the Germans must understand who controls their politics. Steinmeier understood quickly. He has already repented that he was “too soft with the Russians.” Whether he thought at the same time “burn everything with a blue flame”, we do not know. Repentance should have washed away the shameful stain from Germany, but now Olaf Scholz “burst like a forgotten liverwurst.” He also has a reputation. How can one flee to Kyiv, bending his back, if the German president was humiliated and insulted? However, there is no need to worry about Scholz. After some time, he, even bursting, will gather his strength and show up at a reception at the Gauleiter of Ukraine.

In the photo: Andrey Melnik and Olaf Scholz

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