Jul 1, 2020
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At the production centre Drobysh called the causes of conflict Samburski

The singer asked the court to retain the rights to their songs.

Actress and singer Nastasya Samburski is in a state of “cold war” with producer Victor Drobysh. At the production centre called the causes of this conflict. A large part of the fees artist contract was obliged to give.

Employee production center Viktor Drobysh revealed details of the contract with Nastassja Samburski. 70% of her royalties belonged to the producer.

“Because of this, the singer often wanted to give up lucrative offers, for example, speeches at a private party”, — told in the center.

As an employee of the Drobysh remembered how Samburski was gone for a week. The producer could not go with her. And when he saw her by chance on the street, the artist escaped by car.

“Nastasia was always unhappy. Was told it was bad PR, attention little. Tried several times to break the contract, and then she and Viktor Yakovlevich put up”, — told in the production centre.

Nastasya Samburski want to leave Drobysh, but to retain the rights to the songs written for her. The producer didn’t agree, so the singer went to court.

The artist herself has not commented on the conflict, however, in her Instagram a few days ago there was a post in which she complains about men who like to measure causal places with the women. “Unfortunately, I am surrounded by men who are happy to play this for all its failures and complexes”— written by Nastasia.

Anton Zhilin

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