Aug 11, 2022
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At the forum “Army-2022” will present a new combat module of the guard “Prometheus”

At the forum

The Prometheus combat security module will be presented for the first time at the Army-2022 forum. This was stated by official representatives of JSC NPO Elektromashina, reports the edition of Military Affairs.

The development will be designed to work in the departments of law enforcement agencies and specialized security companies. “Prometheus” is a modern representative of protection systems, which is a network of remote-controlled modules equipped with a heavy machine gun.

The creators noted that during the development they paid special attention to creating the possibility of using the security module on various installations. For example, one of its modifications is the Narwhal combat system, which is suitable for any type of surface vessel.

At the forum

military expert Sergey Khatylev noted that the main function of the combat module of protection will be to ensure the security of military and civilian facilities.

“This is a very complex system. Its effectiveness is assessed not only by the fact that it exists and, as it were, buzzes and makes noise. The efficiency is such that those who maintain it, use it and apply it, can effectively fulfill their task – the protection and defense of the facility, ”he said.

Earlier it became known that the Russian military-industrial complex will present a new version of the VPK-Ural armored car at the Army-2022 forum. According to open information, the car received a reinforced armored hull, which significantly increased the security of the crew.

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