Feb 17, 2021
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At least new cases of coronavirus detected in Russia since October 9

In Russia, over the past day, the number of cases of coronavirus infection has increased by 12,828, this is the lowest figure since October 9, according to the operational headquarters to combat the new disease.

According to the source, the increase was 0.31%. The proportion of discharged patients rose to 88.6% of the total number of those infected.

In addition, the number of recovered patients per day was 17,919; in total, since the beginning of the spread of the disease in the Russian Federation, 3,642,582 people have been completely cured.

The number of deaths due to the consequences of the coronavirus over the past day was 467, a total of 81 446 people died from the infection.

Earlier, the World Health Organization reported that a noticeable decline in the incidence of coronavirus was registered in Africa, the Western Pacific region, as well as in the Americas. At the same time, in the United States, the number of people infected increased by more than 673 thousand in a week. Also, an increase in the incidence was detected in Brazil and France.

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