Jun 18, 2022
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At concerts, Maxim is on duty in intensive care


Singer Maxim gave the first concert.

For a whole year, Marina Maksimova, better known by her stage name MakSim, struggled with the coronavirus and its terrible consequences. And yesterday, June 17, she gave her first solo concert for everyone who supported her during her illness.

The artist called her solo album Thank You, and it was held at the Green Theater of VDNKh. The employees of resuscitation and intensive therapy No. 7 of the city clinical hospital No. 52 came to him, in which doctors fought for her life for a month and a half.

There is a whole intensive care unit here.“, – the artist reassured everyone who was worried about whether she would master the two departments.

Singer Maxim - photo from the archive -
Singer Maxim

By the way, MakSim sang live, although fans noted that the singer’s voice had not yet fully recovered.

Her hits sounded from the stage: “My Paradise”, “Tenderness”, “Become the Wind”. The prophetic words “When I die, I will become the wind” did not come true precisely thanks to the doctors, who, although they were present at the concert as spectators, were vigilantly monitoring the condition of their former patient. And she justified their best hopes.

MakSim announced that she would finally recover in parallel with work. In the fall of 2022, her big tour “I will live” starts. In Moscow, the performance within its framework will take place on November 4 at the Adrenaline stadium.

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