Feb 24, 2021
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At Buckingham Palace commented on the state of hospitalized Prince Philip

At Buckingham Palace commented on the state of hospitalized Prince Philip

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II

A week ago, the 99-year-old spouse of 94-year-old Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip was hospitalized in London. The official reason for his hospitalization was malaise. Buckingham Palace released a statement yesterday and shared health news for the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Duke of Edinburgh remains at King Edward VII Hospital, where he is being treated for an infection. He feels comfortable and responds well to treatment, but we believe he will stay in the hospital for a few more days.

– said in the palace.

Prince Philip

In an interview with Sky News, the 56-year-old son of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Edward, noted that his father is feeling much better and is looking forward to being able to be discharged from the hospital. When asked if Prince Philip was upset that he was in the hospital, his son laughed and replied that perhaps quite a bit.

We hold our fists for him

– he noted.

At the hospital of the Duke of Edinburgh, his son Prince Charles and grandson Prince William also visited, who said that everything was fine with his grandfather and that he was being looked after.

What exactly Prince Philip fell ill with is not reported. However, the coronavirus is out of the question. Earlier this year, the Duke and his wife were vaccinated against COVID-19.

Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

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