Jan 26, 2021
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At a party in honor of Olga Buzova’s birthday, they were treated to black caviar

19:51, 01/25/2021

The singer is celebrating her 35th birthday with show business stars.

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Olga Buzova turned 35 on January 20. In dOn her birthday, the singer gathered only relatives and friends in one of the capital’s restaurants. In her microblog on Instagram, the singer posted a video from the celebration, which was attended by Olga’s father, sister Anna, friends and colleagues. Buzova also showed what she was presented with: branded items and a royal bright red cake decorated with photographs of the artist.

Today Olga hosted a gorgeous party for a wider circle of friends and acquaintances. It is expected that the festival will be attended by the stars of the national show business. For the party, the TV presenter and singer chose a white dress with feathers adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals.In addition, it is known that guests of the event are treated to black caviar.

At a party in honor of Olga Buzova’s birthday, they were treated to black caviar

Note that after celebrating your birthday twenty January Olga announced her separation from her beloved David Manukyan. Buzova reacted coldly to the rapper’s congratulations on the social network and did not publish a single photo with David from her birthday, confining herself to a picture with her friends. Later, the singer’s friend Maria Pogrebnyak published a video on her microblog on Instagram, in which the quarrel between Olga and David is captured. The rapper appeared only at the end of the event – during the fireworks. The footage shows how Buzova pushed Manukyan away in front of the guests. David, in turn, published only one video in the Stories section. The recording clearly shows that the chosen one of the birthday girl is very upset because of an unpleasant incident.

A few days later, Olga told the subscribers of her microblog in Instagram, that she parted with David. She published a correspondence with her lover, in which she accuses him of assault and infidelity. In addition, Buzova stated that Manukyan regularly insulted her. It was also revealed that the vacation in the Maldives, where the couple celebrated the New Year 2021, was ruined. David, as Buzova said, was dissatisfied with something and in a sharp form notified the singer that he wanted to leave for Moscow.As a result, tThe star asked everyone who was not indifferent to support her, unsubscribe from David and block the blogger on Instagram.

There was a video where Olga Buzova and David Manukyan quarrel at the singer’s birthday

Note, Buzova and Manukyan, while vacationing in the Maldives in early January, got married. The star couple did not invite relatives and friends to the celebration. At sunset, Olga and David came to the flower arch symbolizing the altar on the ocean shore. There, the couple exchanged rings and took vows of love and fidelity. Singer and rapperdid not comment on the footage from the ceremony, which got on the Internet. However, on the same evening, Buzova published a video showing a gorgeous ring.

Olga Buzova is also experiencing another difficult moment in her life. On January 22nd, she reported that her 82-year-old grandmother is seriously ill. Alla Timofeevna was diagnosed with cancer. The situation is complicated by the fact that the singer’s relative lives in Lithuania, and it is now difficult to move freely between countries due to the coronavirus pandemic. All the worries about Alla Timofeevna were taken over by her daughter Irina Buzova. Now she is with her mother and helps her in every possible way.

Olga Buzova and her grandmother

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