Jun 20, 2022
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Astrologer Larisa Andersen told what to expect from the summer solstice



On June 21, a special energy day awaits us – the day of the summer solstice.

A day that brings the power of sunlight into our lives and favorable changes.

The main rule of the summer solstice: everything that you spend will return to you in multiple volumes. That is why it is worth investing resources, finances, emotions and laying the foundation for a successful business.

In addition, this is a great time to gratefully let go of the past and choose the direction of your life on the path for the coming months.

During the summer solstice it is recommended:

🌞 Greet the Sun at dawn and thank him for the energy that he bestows on us every day.

🌞 Do house cleaning. Do not be afraid to be left with nothing, because “a holy place is never empty.”

🌞 Put things in order by removing from the list what has lost its significance and relevance for you. Retrograde Saturn will thank you for this too.

🌞 Finish important tasks, conversations, promises.

🌞 Return debts or forgive them.

🌞 Free your mind from destructive attitudes in different areas of life that prevent you from moving towards your goals and dreams, replacing them with positive ones.

🌞 Let go of grievances that only take away your life resource. You can ask the flame of a candle or the energy of the Sun to help you burn out all the negative emotions that have settled deep in you.

🌞 Thank life for all the opportunities, successes and failures, for all the teachers and ill-wishers on the way. If you still haven’t implemented this practice on a permanent basis, then this day is a great opportunity to start it.

🌞 Forgive and accept yourself with all the experiences on the way, give yourself support.

🌞 Spending time outdoors, filled with the rays of the Sun.

🌞Make plans and set intentions for the next six months.

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