Oct 14, 2020
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Associate Professor of MGIMO Koktysh called the members of the “entourage” of Tikhanovskaya

The Belarusian authorities maintain control over the country, thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of the manufacturing sector. The system in the republic withstood and gained sufficient momentum to stop the destabilizing process. Political analyst Kirill Koktysh told NewInform about this.

The day before, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya put forward an ultimatum to President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko: his resignation, an end to violence in the streets and the release of political prisoners. The opposition leader gave the authorities 13 days to fulfill their conditions. Otherwise, she threatened with a national strike, a collapse in sales in state-owned stores and the blocking of all roads.

On Saturday, the head of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko, spoke with the failed presidential contender Viktor Babariko and other political opponents. The meeting took place in the KGB pre-trial detention center, the general context of the statements of the President of Belarus was that "dialogue is necessary" and "you cannot write a constitution on the street."

Tikhanovskaya reacted sharply to the president's attempt to make contact with the opposition, calling the meeting not a dialogue, but "state terror." According to a number of experts, protests in Belarus cease to be massive and gradually fade away, so Tikhanovskaya is trying to revive this process with her statements and ultimatums.


Speaking about what the goals of Tikhanovskaya are and how real are her threats against the background of current events in the Belarusian country, associate professor of the Department of Political Theory of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Kirill Koktysh, a political scientist and international relations specialist of Russia, said that the ultimate goal of politicians is always to seize power.

“As for the implementation of threats: if there was such an opportunity, then everything would have taken place long ago. And in my memory, the strike has already been declared at least three times. Tikhanovskaya is a collective character, and always “the king is played by the retinue,” the source explained.

Answering a journalist's question - what kind of forces are behind Tikhanovskaya, Koktysh stressed that she has a headquarters and a sufficient number of external figures. The MGIMO associate professor named the members of Tikhanovskaya's "suite", which includes representatives of the EU.

“Tikhanovskaya lives in Lithuania, she can enter Poland. She met with Macron, with Merkel, performed in the European Union. I doubt it was all done just out of curiosity. We argue on the basis of the facts that are objectively there. There are certain forces from the European Union that are behind Tikhanovskaya. It is clear that they are trying to play her card in their favor, it would be strange if they did not, ”the political scientist noted.


Koktysh clarified that Tikhanovskaya was a “firefighter” candidate during the presidential elections, and there is nothing unexpected in her current actions, everything is happening as it was supposed by the general plot.

“The state has so far won and defended its positions in this situation and there is no reason to believe that the authorities will not be able to cope with something. If the system collapses, everything happens much faster. But the system resisted and gained quite good momentum in order to defend and stop this process, the absence of strikes is important for Belarus, ”the expert summed up.

According to Koktysh, the country depends on the activities of state-owned enterprises. Since the authorities ensured the uninterrupted functioning of production, thus they retained control over the situation in the republic, the political scientist believes.

Presidential elections were held in Belarus on August 9. The incumbent head of the country Alexander Lukashenko won a landslide victory with more than 80% of the vote. After the elections, riots broke out in the republic, provoked by the opposition, and rallies in support of the Belarusian leader are also taking place.

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