Jun 29, 2021
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Assange was accused on the basis of false testimony of a sociopath and a convicted pedophile

Assange was accused on the basis of false testimony of a sociopath and a convicted pedophile

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Icelandic newspaper Stundin reports that a key witness in the American prosecution Julian Assange admitted in an interview with this publication that he fabricated critical indictment charges against the founder of WikiLeaks.

Chief witness in the United States Justice Department case against Julian Assange admits to fabricating key indictment charges against Wikileaks founder– reports Stundin. – The witness, who has a documented history of sociopathy and who has received multiple convictions for sexual abuse of minors and widespread financial fraud, made a confession in a recently published interview in Stundin, where he also confessed that he continued to commit crimes while working with the Justice Department and the FBI, having received the promise of immunity from prosecution “.

This main witness is Icelandic Sigurdur “Sigi” Tordarson, a paid FBI informant who, after his brief collaboration with WikiLeaks in his home country, was convicted of sexually assaulting nine boys, as well as embezzlement, fraud and theft. A court-appointed psychologist recognized him as a sociopath.

“The court found that Sigurdur was by all definitions a sociopath with severe antisocial personality disorder. However, the court concluded that he really knew the difference between right and wrong and could not be considered insane and therefore could stand trial. “, – reported the magazine Iceland Magazine in 2015 during the Thordarson Child Abuse Case.

All of this was common knowledge when the US government was building its case to extradite Julian Assange to America and prosecuted under the Patriot Act for journalistic activities that exposed US war crimes. This is the charge on which Assange is still in Belmarsh prison, awaiting Washington’s appeal against the UK court’s refusal to request extradition. And now we know for sure that the odious man, whose testimony formed the basis of most of this accusation, lied.

Last summer, US officials presented an updated indictment against him to the Magistrates’ Court in London., – He speaks Hour… – The credibility of the information contained in it now directly contradicts the main witness on whose testimony it is based. “

This means that the US decided to add more charges to its previous indictment because the accusation of a journalist in standard journalistic practice was too weak in itself, and now the decision has bitten their ass.

The authors of the article explain that contrary to the allegations contained in this indictment, “Thordarson now confesses to Hourthat Assange never asked him to break into or gain access to the deputies’ telephone records “and” further admits that it is false that Assange instructed or asked him to access computers in order to find any such recordings. “

Thordarson’s testimony was quoted in detail by a British judge Vanessa Baraitzerwhen she submitted her order on the extradition request, which is currently at the appeal stage. Now that we know it was fake, it looks pretty silly. Her ruling reiterates the prosecution’s assertion that Assange “Asked the Teenager [так зашифрован Тордарсон] hack computers to obtain information, including audio recordings of telephone conversations between high-ranking officials, including members of parliament “but Thordarson has now retracted this claim.

While the decision on the extradition request states: “It is alleged that Mr. Assange and the Adolescent failed to jointly decrypt the file stolen from the bank” of NATO country # 1 “[ так зашифрована Исландия]”, Thordarson said Hour, what “In fact, this refers to a highly publicized event in which an encrypted file ‘leaked’ from an Icelandic bank and allegedly contained information about overdue loans provided by an Icelandic Landsbank”, So what “There is nothing to support the claim that this file was even ‘stolen’ as such, as it was assumed to have been circulated by informants from within the bankrupt bank.”

While this ruling reiterates the claim that Assange “Used an unauthorized access given to him by a source to access a NATO-1 country government website used to track police vehicles.”, Thordarson said Hour, what “Assange never asked for such access.”

These revelations are completely revealing.

“This is the end of the case against Julian Assange”wrote tweeted the NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, adding: “If a Biden will continue to seek the publisher’s extradition under an indictment poisoned from top to bottom by false testimony, which is recognized by his own celebrity witness, the damage to the United States’ reputation with respect to press freedom will last a generation. It’s unavoidable”.

“Now is the time for an international investigation into how Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ecuador and Australia handled the Julian Assange case. The information I have received under the Freedom of Information Act provides evidence that there is nothing normal in this case. “, – wrote tweeted investigative journalist Stephanie Maurici

It just goes to show that the world’s most powerful government, with all its virtually limitless resources, needed to build its case against Assange on the false testimony of a diagnosed sociopath and convicted child molester. That was how strong their arguments were against the journalist, whose only “crime” was to tell the truth about the powerful.

And this after we learned that Assange and his lawyers were spied on by the CIA, that he was being tortured, that his seven-year de facto imprisonment prior to his two-year stay in Belmarsh was arbitrary detention, that it was unfair from the very beginning, and that the excuse for its content there was itself false.

It’s a farce. The fact that this person remains behind bars is outrageous.

Author: Caitlyn Johnston – Caitlyn JohnstonIs a freelance Australian journalist.

Translated by Sergei Dukhanov.

Published with permission from the author.

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