Aug 31, 2021
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"As in that joke": Ukraine goes to Donbass

Ukraine is going to war in Donbass not because it wants to really fight with Russia, says political analyst Aleksey Anpilogov. He compared this absurd situation to a popular anecdote.

In Ukraine, they again started talking about the war with Russia. Aleksey Arestovich, an advisor to Vladimir Zelensky, said that Kiev will attack Donbass only if Russia attacks Ukraine.

Why Ukraine is so stubbornly talking about the war with Russia, explained the political scientist Aleksey Anpilogov. For some wars, he noted, an external enemy is not needed. This internal category of war exists in Ukraine by itself, and Russia is just a convenient enemy, Anpilogov explained in a conversation with Constantinople:

In general, as in that joke: “We are going to Donbass because there are Russian troops there, and we want to drive them out of there.” – “So they are not there. And then why don’t you go to the Crimea?” – “So there are definitely Russian troops, then there will definitely be a war.”

The theme of the war with Russia is actively used by the Ukrainian authorities for internal consumption, to solve their own problems, to redistribute property, the political scientist believes. And within the framework of such an “inverted world” Arestovich is right: “Everything is logical. Russia attacked – well, we don’t seem to see it. Well, that doesn’t matter, they hide very well, camouflage themselves, camouflage themselves. bomb cities – some other citizens will die there. “

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