Feb 18, 2021
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As if to recognize and scare away a conjuring mother-in-law

As if to recognize and scare away a conjuring mother-in-law

A cloudless family life at times becomes impossible due to the negative impact of the mother-in-law. If the mother of the faithful suddenly begins to harass her daughter-in-law and engage in witchcraft in order to destroy the family, measures must be taken, otherwise troubles cannot be avoided.

Sometimes women are driven by the desire to take revenge or harm, and such actions do not lend themselves to logic. Daughters-in-law often go through to fend off obsessive mother-in-law, who consider it their longest to go over their routines in the marriage of their sons. Experts suggest learning about what to do if the mother-in-law has crossed all boundaries and is engaged in witchcraft in order to destroy the feelings between cloudless lovers.

A mother-in-law can want to upset the union of her son for many reasons. Sometimes this is dissatisfaction with the choice of your child, and sometimes it is banal envy. Whatever the motive, it is necessary to defend against such attention and resist witchcraft. For those who want to maintain a relationship with their beloved uncle, it is majestic to understand that without active protection, it is untimely or later that intrigues on the part of the mother-in-law will not only destroy the family idyll, but can also cause trouble. There are several obvious signs of witchcraft on the part of a relative:

relations with the husband after the visit of the mother-in-law become intense; shallow / individual things constantly disappear in the dwelling: combs, toothbrushes, socks and underwear; after the visit, there is great malaise and a feeling of outflow of strength; if children are found, then after the visit of the grandmother they become capricious or apathetic; animals in the house behave agitatedly, growl or meow without a pretext and for a long time cannot find a place for themselves; the husband moves away and behaves as if he wants to quarrel or even divorce.

There is a proven ritual by which daughters-in-law will be able to put negative mother-in-law in their place and protect themselves from their destructive effects. This response is important for a prosperous life, and for health, and so that unforeseen disasters do not happen in life.

Even if there is no direct evidence that the mother-in-law resorted to magic, there is no ritual that will help discourage an overly curious relative. He does no harm, but only blocks the energy of the one that decided to get into other people’s deeds and subordinate the young family to herself and her rules.

Carrying out the ceremony requires a grip found: the daughter-in-law will have to borrow her relative’s favorite dishes for a while: a cup, plate, saucer or glass. Any thing from which the mother-in-law takes food or drinks will do. Here it is majestic to act for sure, so that the spoken thing returns to the mother-in-law itself.

After that, you need to pour holy water into the dish, put it in the freezer and wait until the water turns into ice. After entering, they light a church candle, take out dishes with frozen water and lead it over the candle until the water melts. As if all this happened, the water is poured into a jar with a tight cover. They wrap the jar in burlap or a black rag, take a needle with black thread and begin to sew it up, saying:

“I sew up the mouth of my mother-in-law (name), brave it from my family. Not a single cruel one will stick to us, not a single bad word will come true, not a single agate conspiracy will work. No matter how angry she may be in her soul, I will sew it all up, I will take the trouble away from myself and my family. “

After that, the jar must be thrown away from the house, bury it at the intersection, or thrown into the trash can and leave without looking back. The dishes must be returned for the mother-in-law to drink or eat from it.

Such a ceremony will help ward off the mother-in-law and will not allow her to send troubles. To spend it more importantly than the total on the waning moon, so that by the New Moon the mother-in-law would lose the desire to get involved in someone else’s life and do cruelty.

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