Jan 11, 2021
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As if to make lust for the Old New Year – 2021

As if to make lust for the Old New Year - 2021

You can make a cherished desire in the New Year twice, and in 2021, during the celebration of the Old New Year, anyone can do it. On the night of January 13-14, you should again believe in a miracle in order to fulfill your cherished dream.

Many people want to fulfill their cherished dreams, and soon each of us will have the opportunity to once again address the Universe with sincere prayers. Experts suggest that you formulate your dream now, so that on the night of January 13-14, you can utter your cherished desire and make it so that it will come true soon. The magic of another New Year’s Eve will help you in your endeavor to make your dreams come true.

Bioenergy experts recommend analyzing your dream before writing it down on paper. This must be done so that lust is actually fulfilled to the extent that it is conceived, and not vice versa. First of all, you need to understand why some desires did not come true as if they wanted, and some did not come true at all.

Actually, thought becomes an instrument for the execution of all ideas, which means that it should not diverge from actions. So, if there is a great desire for something, there should be no doubts which will hinder the fulfillment of dreams. Lust should be true, and not imposed, should cause positive emotions and elation, otherwise it is unlikely to blow.

So, lust is formalized, written on a separate sheet, and all that remains is to make it up at the very minute when the clock counts down to the irreversible onset of 2021.

Visualization remains the most important way to fulfill desires, so it is worth preparing a realistic image of your lust. The finished picture, photograph or drawing must be put in a secluded place, having written down your lust in return Palestine as if it had already been fulfilled.

On the night of January 13-14, they take out the image, look at it and say their dream out loud. After that, the image is hidden again, not forgetting to take it out from time to time and peer at it. So it will come out to program yourself to fulfill the cherished desire, and it will certainly come true.

All lust will be fulfilled if it is sincere and truthful. The power of thought, blameless intentions and a positive attitude will help everyone realize their cherished dreams thanks to the response of the universe.

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