May 17, 2021
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As if it is true to celebrate housewarming

As if it is true to celebrate housewarming

Housewarming is a major event, which in former times was not complete without a rich feast. Time-tested rituals and signs will help you to celebrate a housewarming so that you can live comfortably in a new place.

The most dignified housewarming party is considered not to forget the brownie, who is certainly transported from his former place of residence. This ritual is dignified for the well-being of the family, and experts recommend not to forget about such a dignified event. In addition, it is imperative for the new settlers to observe certain signs so that life in a new place becomes more important.

According to signs, it is necessary to celebrate housewarming in the circle of close relatives and friends. It is believed that a noisy and cheerful holiday helps new settlers recharge with the energy of fortune. It is not worth celebrating a housewarming on the days of big church holidays and on the 13th, it is unusual if it falls on Friday, so as not to incur troubles in a new place. The newly made residence will be comfortable if you are the first to let a cat or a cat on the doorstep. For housewarming, it is imperative to hang an amulet of fortune or a guard against negativity near the front door. According to legends, there will be no need for a new place if any of the family members throws a coin over the threshold. Later they are picked up and put in a bag, which is hung near the door so that finances do not pass by. A sweet and well-fed life awaits new settlers if they smear every corner of a newly-made home with a drop of honey.

In order for the crossing to pass smoothly, and in the new place there was no reason for concern, grandly clean the old place of residence, throw out the water further away from the threshold and say:

“I don’t take old troubles with me, I don’t grow new ones. I leave my own house for the good of others, I move myself. I’ll take the brownie with me, I’ll celebrate the housewarming with him, I’ll live without a cloud. “

After that, it is majestic to take the brownie with you and put him in a new home, and in order for him to be comfortable, by all means leave the delicacies and equip a secluded corner.

Moving to a new place of residence is an exciting event. In order for an apartment or house to become a nice place to live, it is worth choosing an apartment number in such a way that it matches the tenants’ intentions and does not contradict the family’s energy.

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