May 3, 2022
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Artillery in Ukraine: M777, which is made in America, is trying to fight Russian howitzers, forgetting about aviation

In the photo: howitzer M777 A2

Pictured: M777 A2 howitzer (Photo: Spc. Isaiah J Scott/Zuma/TASS)

Curious insider scenarios are coming out of Kyiv now, according to which the heads of the State Department and the Pentagon – Blinken I Austin came to Zelenskyto talk him out of an agreement with Russia. And they succeeded due to the “reinforced concrete” arguments that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a chance to change the course of the military campaign.

According to the rumors that began to spread in political circles close to the office of the President (OP), the Yankees persuaded the defender of Independence No. 1 to give another decisive battle – this time with Western weapons. Say, if it doesn’t work out then, then “ce la vie” – “go to surrender.” This explains the rush to Lend-Lease for $ 33 billion.

However, the situation in Donbass has become quite critical for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as evidenced by numerous signals from the front. Ukrainian soldiers are ready to rebel against the fools from the General Staff, who send them with “Kalash” against Russian tanks. Videos about the evil of the Zhovto-Blakyt generals are full of ukrnet, while the local telegram channels write about an impending catastrophe, which makes Ze and Co. nervous and again make gestures towards signing a peace treaty with Moscow on the terms Putin.

Sources of the OP write that “many countries do not give permission to Zelensky to sign a peace treaty with Russia if Ukraine abandons Crimea and the LDNR.” It turns out that if the Russian Federation receives these territories through a peace treaty, then all sanctions will be lifted from it, and it will actually come out the winner of the battle, and the West, mainly the European Union, will get the destroyed “square”, which from a military point of view will not be of any value to the United States .

So, Washington “persuaded” Kyiv to give one more last stand to Moscow, with the full support of NATO, including the best American weapons. First of all, we are talking about the M777 howitzer, because, according to the overseas Institute for the Study of War, the Russians simply grind Ukrainians in fortified areas and do not storm if someone else shoots from there.

Now, the supporters of independence are promised two carrots at once – this is not only a candidate for EU membership, but also super-duper weapons worth a total of more than $ 50 billion since 2014 for the conflict against Russia.

But, according to the Italian Manlio Dinucciresearcher at the Center for Globalization Studies, this figure does not reflect the real Western contribution to Europe’s biggest conflict since World War II. Considering that, in addition to the United States, 40 more countries of the alliance, including Italy, which is in a severe crisis, are joining the “investment” in Russian-Ukrainian bloodletting, the total expenses will be simply astronomical.

The Yankees in this case, as they say, ate the dog. At the first stage, they bring their “incredibly voracious” weapons into the conflict zone (using the example of Iraq and Afghanistan), and then they begin to demand high-tech ammunition from their allies as help. NATO members have no choice but to order them from the American defense industry.

Judging by the already outlined outline of the US participation in the conflict in Ukraine, this military “crocodile” will be the M777 howitzer. She “shoots 7 M982 Excalibur rounds per minute at a distance of up to 40 km. Each shot costs $112,000. Thus, in one minute, this cannon will fire Russian ammunition equivalent in value to 25 Italians’ gross annual salaries (according to the national average),” writes Manlio Dinucci.

There is no need to believe in the stories that are circulating on the Internet that the defense contractor Raytheon, in cooperation with the British company BAE Systems Bofors, has reduced the price tag of the M982 to $50,000. Taking into account the overall costs, including support for target designation and reconnaissance drones, a shot from an American 155-mm howitzer will cost just the declared amount.

And all 40 countries that have signed up to join the US in the conflict on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have to transfer huge amounts of money to buy an incredible amount of Excalibur – extended-range guided active rockets.

Now, analysts at The Washington Post, at the suggestion of Pentagon officials, are saying that Western (read American) artillery, which will go to Ukraine, will allegedly change the course of battles. “We are in for a battle of wits, backed up by long-range weapons. The new artillery will force both sides to act more dexterously if they hope to avoid serious casualties.”

The Ukrainian media, of course, quoted WP to the fullest, saying that “the introduction of various Western artillery pieces will accelerate the tactical shift on both sides to use the so-called counter-battery fire, in which the armed forces seek out enemy artillery, locate it and attack.”

In particular, General George Flynn believes that the new weapon will force both sides to think more and look for non-standard solutions to problems arising at the front. Media workers of the OP, of course, disperse the case, that this is exactly what the defenders of independence need.

True, here again a big problem appeared – in the field of target designation. According to the Ukrainian blogging community, citing their people in the General Staff, the Turks, for example, are very disappointed with the UAF drone operators who “stupidly” destroy the advertised Bayraktary UAVs. With military professionalism, the Zhovto-Blakyt operators are very bad. In Kyiv, by the way, this is indirectly recognized: “We really feel the lack of good personnel.”

Few people know that many Turkish specialists simply left the “square” in order to offset the image damage from the uselessness of the Bayraktars on the Ukrainian battlefield. In the conditions of high-tech positional battles imposed by the Russian troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the role of drones, including strike drones, turned out to be very insignificant, and their cost was many times higher than the real return.

It is one thing to strike at columns with weak air defense cover on the march, as was the case at the first stage of the special operation, and another thing to attack Russian positions in a creeping tactic of grinding the Independence defenders. Each flight turns into a loss of “birds”. Recently, there are no videos of the successful use of “Bayraktars” in Ukrnet, the rating of which, and at the same time the price on world markets, have fallen sharply.

In this regard, the following conclusion suggests itself: strike and reconnaissance drones have shown themselves well against weak troops, but when they encounter modern air defense systems controlled by class specialists, their efficiency drops. Moreover, it does not matter at all whether Turkish or American UAVs will appear in the area of ​​​​responsibility of our anti-aircraft gunners. This also means that American M777 howitzers, tied to online coordinates received from drones, will often have to shoot blindly, and with expensive shells.

Satellites simply will not give the picture that is needed for M982 Excalibur shells. So the American media are whining that the Russians allegedly cannot break through the Ukrainian fortified areas, in the hope that ours will twitch and again find themselves on the march without reliable air defense cover.

At the same time, they “forget” to talk about Russian aviation and Caliber.

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