Jun 14, 2022
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Artillery duel: Ukraine counts losses – there were 100 people in one unit, 35 left

Artillery duel: Ukraine counts losses - there were 100 people in one unit, 35 left

Photo: AP/TASS

Losses of Ukraine during the special operation exceed 10,000 killed, admitted the PR specialist of the Kyiv regime Alexey Arestovich. But what he kept silent about is that Kyiv wants to plug holes in its defense at the expense of conscripts, untrained reservists and inexperienced foreign mercenaries.

The influential publications The Washington Post (American) and The Guardian (British) simultaneously released lengthy journalistic investigations about the course of the Ukrainian special operation. Journalists talked to experts and combatants and made an unequivocal choice: the scales are increasingly leaning towards Russia.

Ukrainians supposedly still had some local successes on the battlefield at the beginning of the special operation. At least, these successes were found by journalists of The Washington Post. After that, the Russian command learned positive lessons and changed military tactics, which ensured a turning point in the course of the special operation.

Significantly decreased the loss of personnel and armored vehicles, states The Washington Post. Moreover, Russia and the republics of Donbass, after the first phase of the special operation, managed to restore their strike forces to a much greater extent than many military analysts expected. An additional influx of forces amounted to at least 50 thousand people, estimates The Washington Post.

Who is fighting against them? Broken, devastated, broken Ukrainians, abandoned by their command.

American journalists tracked down several talkative Ukrainian soldiers in Sloviansk, which will become the epicenter of the most fierce fighting in the coming days. The soldiers fled to Slavyansk from Dovzhenko, which was already occupied by the Allied forces.

In the Ukrainian unit in Dovzhenko, out of 100 Ukrainian servicemen, 35 were killed, and only after that the order to retreat was received. As the losses in the Ukrainian troops are growing rapidly, there is no desire to “stand to the last” anymore.

Ukrainians are well aware that this is tantamount to death, journalists from The Washington Post state with respect to Russian military tactics.

Ukrainians have nothing to shoot

American journalists interviewed an adviser to the Ukrainian government Alexander Danilyukformer secretary of the Security Council. The official cites figures that clearly indicate the imminent defeat of the Ukrainian army.

For one Ukrainian gun, there are 10-15 Russian ones – more modern and long-range. Russian artillery daily fires up to 50,000 shells at Ukrainian positions. Ukrainians, on the other hand, can only strike back with 5-6 thousand shells.

The United States has pledged to supply the Ukrainians with 220,000 shells, but this is only enough to withstand Russian firepower for about 4-5 days.

Ukraine has almost completely run out of ammunition for the Soviet-era weapons systems that were the backbone of its arsenal. And the Eastern European countries that supported the same artillery systems ran out of surplus shells that could be painlessly donated, says the deputy head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Vadim Skibitsky in an interview with The Guardian.

According to Skibitsky, now it is necessary to use 155 mm NATO caliber shells. But there are very few artillery pieces adapted for such firing in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Soon there will be nowhere and no one to deliver American howitzers

The Ukrainians want to switch to more long-range and sophisticated NATO multiple rocket launchers. But they are still not enough, Danilyuk said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Thus, the Pentagon supplied Ukrainians with M777 howitzer artillery pieces. All of them are already being used, but this does not stop the methodical Russian offensive.

Moreover, according to Svobodnaya Pressa, based on official reports from the Russian Defense Ministry, at least three batteries of American howitzers have already been destroyed. In addition, the Artillery Training Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Sumy region was destroyed, where foreign instructors trained Ukrainians to operate and control the fire of American howitzers. This means that now there is no one to shoot from them in the Donbass …

Long-range HIMARS systems, which the Ukrainians humbly asked for from the United States, are only on the way. True, the Americans allowed only four such systems to be installed. Great Britain – three more. What can they do against hundreds of artillery systems in service with the allied forces?!

In addition, the American and British systems will arrive in Ukraine only in a few weeks. Although, apparently, by that time there will already be nowhere to deliver – the APU will fall into the boilers.

Rob Lee: Russian soldiers are fighting more effectively

The hopes of Ukraine and the United States that new supplies of Western weapons would turn the tide of hostilities have faded. Alexander Danilyuk speaks about this in The Washington Post and Vadim Skibitsky to the Guardian.

At the same time, Russian soldiers are fighting more and more effectively. Moreover, not only artillerymen, but also motorized infantry are doing brilliantly, a military expert states in an interview with The Washington Post. Rob Lee. The former US Marine now works at the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies.

In the months since the start of the special operation, the Russian military has significantly improved the coordination of various branches of the military and types of weapons, Li said. Increased use of close air support.

Rob Lee notes that the current tactic – slow advance with heavy fire support – guarantees minimal loss of personnel. This also hardly threatens civilians, because almost all civilians have long since left the war zone. Many cities and villages were simply depopulated.

Nevertheless, Russia continues to be guided by humanitarian considerations and does not strike at civilian targets, the Ministry of Defense emphasizes.

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