Apr 7, 2021
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Arshavin’s ex-wife cannot walk after a serious illness

The ex-wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin Alisa has changed beyond recognition due to an incurable disease. Now her condition has worsened: the girl cannot walk.

It all started last spring. Arshavina caught a cold and did not attach importance to the deterioration of health. I decided to treat myself. At some point, a mother of many children developed staphylococcus, after which a 38-year-old woman was operated on. Her face turned out to be disfigured, Alice tries to hide her nose.

Arshavina tries to communicate with fans in the comments under her Instagram posts. She admits that she is not getting better, she constantly experiences severe weakness.

Arshavin spent a long time in a St. Petersburg hospital. She has lost a lot of weight, drinks and eats through a straw, cannot get out of bed. After resuscitation, she was diagnosed with a coronavirus.

“The bedsores on my legs are inflamed. I can’t walk without help, ”she said in the comments.

According to Arshavina, autoimmune necrosis, followed by sepsis, became the cause of the deterioration in health. She emphasizes that the assumptions that health problems began after plastic surgery are just rumors.

“I am seriously ill and did not do plastic surgery. Everything suited me in my nose … It’s just a disease. Severe, but illness. Not karma, not a boomerang, ”the former girlfriend of the footballer assured earlier.

Arshavin’s mother does not believe Alice’s complaints, who emphasizes that the ex-daughter-in-law “is responsible for her deeds with her health before the Lord.”

“She goes to any tricks, invents all kinds of diseases. She had an unsuccessful nose job, which led to this outcome. A person in general is always himself to blame for his troubles. She is not poor, as she pretends, she is richer than you, than me and than most people, but she continues to put pressure on pity, ”said Tatiana Arshavina.

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