Mar 31, 2021
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Arsenal, zoo and motorcycles: investigators are studying the identity of “Veshkinsky” shooter Vladimir Bardanov

The Investigative Committee will conduct a number of examinations in the criminal case of 61-year-old Vladimir Bardanov, who on March 30 put up armed resistance to the special forces in his house near Mytishchi all day. Among others, a genetic examination of the remains found in the house will be carried out – presumably Bardanov died in the fire that engulfed his mansion. There are still many blank spots in the biography of the “Veshkinsky” shooter, in particular, the origin of the huge arsenal of various weapons found during a search in his house is still unclear. RT tried to put together everything that is known about Vladimir Bardanov.

The Investigative Committee published video footage from a luxurious mansion in the cottage village “Veshki-Zarechye”, where the 61-year-old Vladimir Bardanov had barricaded himself the day before and during the day defended himself from special forces.

An impressive arsenal of various weapons, both modern and WWII times, was found in his house, as well as a large amount of ammunition. In particular, among those found were hundreds of boxes of ammunition, dozens of F-1 and RGD-5 combat grenades, a large number of pistols, machine guns, as well as submachine guns from both the Great Patriotic War and modern ones.

Despite the death of the shooter, the Investigative Committee plans to conduct a full-fledged investigation into the criminal case previously opened against Bardanov under a number of articles, including the fact of encroachment on the life of law enforcement officers.

Assault instead of inspection

Recall that on the morning of March 30, the police came to the pensioner’s home to check the information received about his illegal possession of weapons. According to one of the versions, neighbors who had previously heard shots coming from the site could have complained about him. The law enforcers at that time had no complaints against the owner of the house and were not going to conduct a search, but only wanted to inspect the premises, the UK notes.

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“As a result, the 61-year-old owner of the house, not letting the employees inside the premises, fired multiple shots at them from automatic firearms, after which he threw two hand grenades in their direction, one of which exploded,” said the Moscow Region administration.

Having barricaded himself, Bardanov at about 10 o’clock put up armed resistance to the Rosgvardia special forces officers who arrived at the scene, constantly throwing grenades at them and using automatic weapons.

During the assault, a fire broke out in the house. When the fire was extinguished in the attic, human remains were found. In addition to the genetic examination, which should help investigators establish the exact cause of Bardanov’s death, the investigators are also going to conduct fire-technical, explosive-technical, ballistic and other examinations aimed at establishing all the circumstances and motives of Bardanov’s actions, as well as the origin of the arsenal found in his possession.

Authoritative businessman

Vladimir Alexandrovich Bardanov was born on February 20, 1960. At the age of 16, according to media reports, he earned a criminal record – he took away a watch from a passer-by.

After that, Bardanov did not get into crime reports for a long time, although, according to the recollections of his acquaintances, he gave the impression of a person connected with crime.

The information that Bardanov had only one, long extinguished conviction, was confirmed by the official representative of the Russian Guard Valery Gribakin. According to him, part of the arsenal found in the house was officially registered, and the department had no grounds for refusing to issue permission to Bardanov to own a weapon.

In the 1990s, like many Russians, Bardanov went into business.

According to the Kontur.Fokus database, he was the founder of three companies. The first – CJSC “Tver Express” was founded in 1996. The authorized capital is 4.1 million rubles. In 2003 the company was liquidated.

The second company – “Kinescope”, closed in 2013, according to statutory documents, specialized in the wholesale of food and manufactured goods.

In addition, Bardanov was not for long the founder of BSB-Express LLC, which is engaged in car repairs. Also, according to media reports, he was a co-owner of one of the private security companies, which has long ceased to exist.

In turn, a relative of Vladimir Nina Bardanova (presumably his wife), according to the Kontur.Fokus database, owns the Edian company, which owns the Russkoe razdolye shopping center.

Last year, the company’s revenue amounted to 52.9 million, and net profit – 30.4 million rubles.

It was because of this shopping center and the Tver-Express company, which was associated with its construction, that Bardanov got into crime reports for the second time at the beginning of the 2000s.

In October 2000, he was arrested on fraud charges. Bardanov was suspected of stealing shares of one of the founders of the Tver-Express company.

In 2001, Bardanov was even put on the wanted list in this case, which indicates that soon after his arrest they did not take him into custody and he fled from the investigation. Despite this, the case never came to court – in 2002 the case was closed for lack of corpus delicti.

It is noteworthy that, according to the data of the arbitration court, the administration of the Moscow district Sokolniki until 2009 tried to challenge the distribution of space in the shopping center.

Renting out retail space brought Bardanov a good income.

So, according to RT, 15 years ago a man acquired a luxurious mansion: pompous interiors with an abundance of gilding, stucco molding, expensive chandeliers and interior items resemble a real palace.

In Bardanov’s garage there were several expensive foreign cars, including Bentley.

But, apparently, he had a special passion for motorcycles. In particular, about a dozen different models of such manufacturers as Triumph, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Kawasaki are decorated on it.

In addition to a solid vehicle fleet, Bardanov also had a personal menagerie – he kept a tiger, a lynx and a bear.

“Without advertising, he restored the monastery”

Despite such a fleet of vehicles, a menagerie and a huge luxurious mansion in an elite village near Moscow, Bardanov was listed in the database of debtors of bailiffs – he owed taxes in the amount of 148 thousand rubles.

At the same time, Bardanov’s acquaintances assure that he lived modestly. For example, actress Ekaterina Krasnobaeva, who was friends with the family of the deceased, says that Vladimir was a philanthropist and never boasted of wealth.

“He helped financially to one of the monasteries and for a long time restored everything there. He himself tried not to advertise this especially, “Krasnobaeva told RT, noting that she learned about Bardanova’s help to the monastery not from him, but from the ministers of the church.

“He did a lot of good things. For example, he somehow helped the gymnasium when they asked him for help to pay for the bus and excursion. When his housemate in Moscow, who lived nearby in a communal apartment, died, he gave money to her family for the funeral, bought a place in the cemetery, took over all the worries, they themselves lived quite poor (according to RT, before moving out of town, Bardanov lived in an apartment in one of the houses on Kutuzovsky Prospekt) ”, – she added.

The interlocutor of RT also said that the Bardanovs tried not to show their wealth and “did not travel to any Canary Islands.”

“He had a passion – motorcycles. But they lived modestly in the sense that there were no servants there, they raised poultry, and his wife looked after everything herself, milked the goat. He did not have any guards either, only one watchman, who could do something about the garden. I am outraged that now, no matter how they call him, he is already some kind of murderer, a shooter, although no one knows anything about him. Who said he was an authority, who proved it? He is a father of many children; he already has grandchildren. Imagine what it is like for them to hear all this about him now, ”she said.

Their neighbors also say that the Bardanovs lived trying not to attract attention to themselves.

The Bardanovs were not part of the village HOA, according to one of the residents of the village, they even had a separate entrance to their house, not through the main checkpoint.

“Defended professionally”

The head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Alexander Khinshtein published photographs of the weapon found in Bardanov’s house.

“The amount of weapons and ammunition found in his house testifies to the high degree of preparation for the siege. Such an arsenal could be used to equip at least a full-fledged platoon. Bardanov could defend himself much longer than nine hours. Moreover, in the photographs published on my Telegram channel, weapons and ammunition that were left after the operation. During the siege itself, he used at least 20 grenades. In his house, dozens of small arms, machine guns, pistols, a large number of grenades, boxes of cartridges and machine-gun horns, machine-gun disks were found – hundreds of them. In addition, Bardanov himself defended himself professionally, he knew what to do with weapons. Based on how the battle went, it is obvious that he was a prepared person. The house itself is equipped like a fortress, ”he told RT.

Khinshtein voiced his version of where Bardanov could have such an arsenal: “The investigation is investigating, but there is a version that Bardanov could have been involved in the illegal circulation of weapons and that he had a cache in his house for the further sale of weapons. It is clear that in the future peaceful people would die from this weapon. It is difficult to imagine how many human lives were saved thanks to this operation. As far as I know, on March 30, a district commissioner came to Bardanov with an ordinary check of the conditions for storing licensed weapons. It is not known exactly why Bardanov reacted this way. Perhaps the weapon was not properly hidden, he was afraid that the district police officer would see the arsenal if he entered the house. ”

Khinshtein also highlighted the high-quality work of the special forces, thanks to which it was possible to avoid other victims, and told some of the details of the special operation.

“Those who today are trying to accuse the special forces of some kind of delay and lack of professionalism simply do not understand what they are talking about. The main task of the special forces is to avoid casualties. Safety is a priority, efficiency is always in second place. SOBR began its operation by evacuating members of the Bardanov family, who would have inevitably suffered during the assault. Moreover, Bardanov did not know about this, he did not release the hostages. Residents of neighboring houses were evacuated. Much time was spent trying to convince Bardanov to surrender, but unfortunately, they did not work.

Bardanov fired back, threw grenades – there was a real full-fledged battle. Special forces pushed him from the first floor to the second, and then drove him into the attic. He continued to throw grenades at the special forces. After that, the house caught fire, he was offered to leave the building, but he again refused this.

I think the special forces worked great. The guys deserve the highest marks and state awards. Let me remind you that the losses of the fighters themselves were limited to a slight injury – the bullet ricocheted the fighter in the leg. This also testifies to a high-quality work, ”the parliamentarian said.

He also added that the deceased did not use the hunting weapon legally registered for him during the shootout.

“Not the norm”

According to the candidate of psychological sciences, head of the department of clinical psychology of the Scientific Center for Mental Health Sergei Yenikolopov, until the results of the posthumous psychiatric examination, which has already been scheduled, are available, it is difficult to judge why Bardanov did not go to negotiations and refused to leave the house after the fire.

“Such an examination will take at least a month: the experts will communicate with relatives about his character, study video and audio recordings with him.

As for the motives of his behavior, this may be some form of extended suicide.

For example, a person starts shooting a weapon and knows that he can be killed, he even wants that. He just does not have the strength to do it himself, so he seeks to do it with someone else’s hands, “he told RT.

Enikolopov also drew attention to the fact that Bardanov kept exotic wild animals on his site. According to him, keeping these animals at home “is definitely not the norm for a healthy person.”

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