Aug 11, 2022
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Arms “multi-vector” Kazakhstan? Why not?

According to published data, the British are buying Soviet weapons from Kazakhstan for Kyiv

The fact that Ukrainian cunning people are carrying out murky schemes with weapons in Central Asia became known after the scandal (albeit extinguished) with the former head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Pashinsky and his son Anton. But then it was about the export of Ukrainian weapons through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan with their further sale to the Taliban * perhaps, the Uighurs of the XUAR.

Now, it looks like Kazakhstan has plunged into the “weapon mud”, forced to make excuses for its “indirect” participation in the sale of weapons to the British for Ukraine.

The other day, hackers from the well-known Beregini group posted on the network documents confirming a deal on the purchase of weapons by the UK from Kazakhstan for Kyiv.

The supply contract was drawn up on July 16, 2022. Deadline – 180 days. A Jordanian company and a Kazakhstani “carrier” company Technoexport appear in the arms sales scheme. The weapons being transported are understandable: necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: rockets for “grads”, 122-mm shells for D-20 howitzers, and 152-mm shells for D-30 howitzers. A total of 20,000 shells and 33,000 missiles worth almost $70 million.

What did Beregini find?

The deal was allegedly carried out through the Jordanian gasket, and it was supervised by the Kazakh Foreign Ministry and the British military attaché in Nur-Sultan. But all the documents of the Beregini contract were hacked into the computers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine.

Moreover, the hackers claim that there are also documents on negotiations for the supply of armored personnel carriers, Konkurs anti-tank systems and ammunition for 120-mm mortars by Kazakhstan.

The fact is that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are experiencing a significant shortage of weapons and ammunition, begging for them from the Eastern European countries and the Baltic states.

Ukraine admits the British are looking for

Because the Ukrainian media recognizedthat the British are looking for and buying up former Soviet weapons to transfer to Kyiv. and the British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace confirmed this in May of this year.

“Significant portion [Министерства обороны] and military attaches around the world are looking for. Sometimes we run into Russians, by the way, who are also looking for supplies in some countries, because they quickly run out of them, ” Wallace said.

Ben Wallace in search of Soviet weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“If you want to pass this on to the Ukrainians tomorrow morning so they can keep fighting… find what they have been trained to find what they need,” – Wallace added, referring to the speed of deliveries of exactly the weapons that the Ukrainian military is trained to use. If Wallace is looking everywhere, why shouldn’t he go where the British are strongest?

In Kazakhstan, in the warehouses of the former KSAVO weapons in bulk. And in the republic itself, they do not exclude that they are selling weapons, and trying to hide the traces, they blow up weapons depots, as happened in August last year in the village of. Kainar of the Zhambyl region, although the official reason is called the “human factor”. Then the Kazakh opposition, even in Kyiv, assured that the explosion was staged in order to cover up the traces of theft. But why steal shells and mines, if not for sale?

By the way, in 1999, Kazakhstan got into a scandal with the sale of thirty MiG-21s to North Korea, also through the Czech gasket”. The then head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declaredwhat “The deal was carried out by a group of individuals who acted bypassing the export control system of Kazakhstan, which excludes the supply of weapons to the so-called problem countries”. That’s why Nazarbaev cheated and expelled from the post of Minister of Defense Altynbayeva and the head of the KNB Abykaevaaccusing them of insufficient control over arms exports. Then the incident caused serious damage to the image of the country and Elbasy, demonstrating that he did not fully control the situation in the republic. Kazakhstan has limited financial assistance and planned investment in the oil and gas and metallurgical industries.

This time, Tokayev kept silent, but on August 10, the relevant Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan denied the information about the sale of weapons by Great Britain to Ukraine, calling it a fake stuffing.

It was stated that “In 2021 and for the past period of 2022, Technoexport did not apply to the Ministry for a license to export weapons, ammunition and military equipment”.

The ministry also states that no permits have been issued for the re-export of the above weapons and ammunition. Indeed, today some countries do not give permission for the re-export of ammunition to Ukraine, but did that stop anyone?

As you know, Kazakhstani officials also assure that there is no Russophobia in their country, they do not rename geographical names, language patrols these are some marginal provocateurs, whose numbers and significance are negligible … At the same time, serious statesmen and “madamas” allow Russophobic statements, such as a member of the public chamber of Alma-Ata Togzhan Kozhaliyeva or hysterical Ruza Beisenbaitegi.

The other day in Pavlodar, which has been raped by renaming for 3 decades, Donetskskaya Street was renamed Magzhan Zhumabaev Street.

As for domestic assaults on Russian-speakers, they are counted by hundreds, and they are recorded, but do not cause a reaction from the authorities, for whom all these facts are also fakes.

The ministry complains that many media outlets reprinted Beregin’s information, “without asking for confirmation of this information from Kazakhstan”. At the same time, the hackers of this group are really authoritative.

By the way, in this case, it is not Beregini who are guilty, but gouging from the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine.

If there hadn’t been this “drain”, another one would have appeared, confirming the very multi-vector approach that President Tokayev himself does not want to give up.

In addition, if you read Kazakhstani public pages, then the National Patriots accepted with a bang the information that Kazakhstan is so “in an oriental way, cunningly helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine, exposing Russians as fools”what “With our deliveries of Soviet rubbish, we not only clear our warehouses of unnecessary weapons rubbish, but at the same time contribute to the weakening of Russia, which the Kazakhs will still have to face”. Maybe the republican authorities should “squeeze” the mouths of the talkative nationalists, as well as, perhaps, too autonomous gun barons»?

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