Sep 10, 2022
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Armpit hyperhidrosis – what is it?

Armpit hyperhidrosis - what is it?hyperhidrosis laser treatment

Sweating is a natural body function that is needed to regulate body temperature. But if a person sweats profusely, then this indicates that the work of the sweat glands is impaired. Such a problem is considered very delicate, both older people and young people, regardless of gender, suffer from it. Hyperhidrosis, along with physical discomfort, also brings moral suffering. As a rule, increased sweating is accompanied by various complexes and neuroses.

More recently, medicine had nothing to offer people suffering from this misfortune, now the situation has changed radically. The development of modern medicine has led to the fact that today you can get rid of this problem forever.

How is hyperhidrosis treated with a laser?

The operation is performed under local anesthesia under 100% sterile conditions. The procedure is a treatment of the armpits with a directed light beam.

After laser exposure, the sweat glands lose their ability to regenerate, which means that the patient permanently gets rid of active sweating. Many patients are initially repelled by the price of laser hyperhidrosis treatment in Kyiv, but after evaluating the effectiveness of the impact and the duration of the effect as described on the website, they prefer this method.

The procedure is as follows: first, the site of intervention is determined, then tiny punctures are made in the skin, not exceeding 1 mm. Through these punctures, a hollow needle is inserted and laser energy is “delivered”. Under the influence of thermal energy, the cells of the sweat glands are blocked or completely destroyed. Destroyed glands are excreted from the body naturally.

The indisputable advantage of this method is that after it no traces remain on the skin. The whole procedure lasts no more than an hour, and the effect of it is fixed for life.

After the operation, the person immediately returns to normal life, with the exception of some restrictions. The patient needs to exclude sports activities, trips to the pool, steam rooms, etc. for several days. After half a month, you will need to be examined by a surgeon.

High-quality treatment of hyperhidrosis in Kyiv

Platinum Laser employs highly qualified specialists who solve the problem of abnormal sweating with the help of new generation high-tech equipment. The treatment of hyperhidrosis in the clinic with the help of surgery has many positive reviews.

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