Jan 29, 2021
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Armie Hammer dropped out of the cast of the mini-series “The Proposal”

Armie Hammer left the cast of The Proposal, a miniseries about the creation of The Godfather. The reason was a booze with individual notifications leaked into the network.

Armie Hammer dropped out of the cast of The Proposal

The final month around the artist Armie Hammer “rages” booze. The cause was leaked individual notifications of sexual temper. Some leading young ladies denounce Armie of a predisposition to sadism and cannibalism. Hammer denies all the rumors and attacks, but they affected his career.

Earlier it became famous that Armie refused to shoot in the movie with Jennifer Lopez “Speed ​​Wedding”, in which he was supported by the film producers. He has now left the cast of the mini-series The Proposal to create The Godfather, where he was to play Albert S. Ruddy.

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