Apr 26, 2021
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Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan resigns

Pashinyan will remain prime minister until elections – opposition is against

Prime Minister of Armenia Nicole Pashinyan resigned, but only to prepare for parliamentary elections scheduled for June 20.

According to the Armenian law, holding early parliamentary elections is possible only after the resignation of the head of government and two failed attempts by the parliament to elect a new prime minister.

Recall that Pashinyan’s resignation was demanded by 17 political parties at numerous rallies since November last year.

However, the resignation of the prime minister will be technical – he will continue to act as head of government until the elections.

The Civil Contract party, which is headed by Pashinyan, has already announced that it will take part in the elections and will nominate him for the post of prime minister in the new parliament.

“If the people decide that I should leave the post of prime minister, then I will fulfill their wish. If the people decide that I should remain prime minister, then I will carry out this decision too, ”

– Nikol Pashinyan promised, adding that “Free expression of the will of the people is the only source of independence and sovereignty of power”

Together with the Prime Minister, the entire government of Armenia is also resigning.

President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan accepted the resignation of the government and the prime minister.

However, the opposition fears that, while remaining in the post of head of government, Nikol Pashinyan will not only use the administrative resource during the elections, but also falsify their results – he too confidently says that he will continue to remain in the post of head of government.

MP from the Prosperous Armenia Party Arman Abovyan recalls that all parliamentary levers remained in the hands of Pashinyan, because the parliamentary majority is represented by the deputies of the “My Step” bloc, which includes Pashinyan’s party “Civil Contract”, which raises many questions.

Lawyers are already discussing whether the Prime Minister, after his resignation, can continue to remain in office, albeit acting.

“After the resignation of the prime minister, one of the deputy prime ministers should take over his duties. For example, when a minister resigns, then after its acceptance he does not continue to perform his duties, this is done by the deputy minister “,

– the lawyer is sure Tigran Atanesyan

He recalled that the president and a fifth of the parliamentary deputies can apply to the Constitutional Court with a request whether the resigned prime minister has the right to act as head of government.

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