Dec 29, 2020
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Armenia loses territory on the basis of “verbal agreements”

Azerbaijani Armed Forces give residents of border regions an hour to vacate their homes

Protest actions continue in Yerevan, but the daily and monotonous protests have ceased to impress, and the ranks of participants are thinning. At this time, Baku also “bites off” a “piece” of Armenian territory on the southern borders of the Syunik region almost daily. Today, the residents of this region do not know what awaits them tomorrow, whether the Azerbaijani military will come and demand the release of the house, or they will carry it and the border will pass through the neighbor’s house.

As it happened on Monday near the village of Vorotan.

“The Azerbaijanis gave the residents of the gardening company in Goris an hour to vacate their houses and territory. But we are not talking about the residents of Vorotan, no one drives them away. We are talking about the territory above Vorotan in the direction of Goris. Since the 80s, land has been distributed there, people have built houses, kept fields, gardens, animals. Now the Azerbaijanis have come, they have given an hour, they say, leave our land. Residents, in turn, say that they will not go anywhere “,

– quotes the Armenian edition head of the Vorotan community Surena Ohanjanyan

According to him, to all attempts to get an answer in the government, they are answered – “negotiations are underway”, but so far there are no answers, and people do not know what to do.

“I’ve been saying for a month now, let’s mark our territories on the map, clarify which part is ours. People ask where our border is, I cannot answer, but I know that this is our land “,

– says Ogandzhanyan.

And the head of the analytical center “Enaket” Tigran Abrahamyan trying to find out what territories and why Armenia should give to Azerbaijan, for this he turned to law enforcement agencies with a request to explain on the basis of what documents the loss of the country’s territory occurred. However, law enforcement officers did not answer anything, but the answer was voiced during the speech of the Prime Minister Nikola Pashinyan on the air of the Public Television of Armenia.

“The Prime Minister noted that the transfer of these territories was not envisaged by the tripartite statement of November 9, but an oral agreement was reached on this, citing the risk of a possible war as the reason. Do you understand what’s going on? Tomorrow the same Pashinyan may declare that Azerbaijan demanded Meghri or Vardenis, threatening a new war, and on this basis will cede new territories to Azerbaijan. Under the same verbal agreement, the villages of Khin Takher and Khtsaberd were transferred to Azerbaijan, “

– said Tigran Abrahamyan.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces did not allow the Armenian side to conduct search operations in the Hadrut region.

On Monday, December 28, three detachments of the state emergency service left for Hadrut to conduct a search and rescue operation to search not only the living, but also the dead. At the same time, on Monday morning, the emergency service received permission from the Azerbaijani side to carry out such work, said the head of the public relations department of the State Service for Emergency Situations of Karabakh Hunan Tadevosyan

According to him, the groups waited for several hours, after which they were informed that rescuers would not be allowed to enter the territory of Hadrut today. This is not the first time that rescuers have received permission to work, but they are not allowed on site.

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