Sep 6, 2021
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Armenia is ready to demarcate borders – but there is a condition

Baku intends to continue to occupy the border area of ​​Armenia

Official Yerevan announced its readiness to begin work on border demarcation, which will put an end to border conflicts.

“Armenia is waiting for a positive reaction from Azerbaijan in response to Yerevan’s readiness to start carrying out demarcation and delimitation works. We have already announced this more than once. However, until we receive a response from Baku about its readiness, we cannot start work, ”

– said the Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Armenia at the briefing Armen Grigoryan

According to the head of the Armenian Foreign Ministry Ararat Mirzoyan, negotiations between the parties on the issue of border demarcation have not yet begun. These negotiations can begin only after Azerbaijan withdraws its military from the territory of Armenia, where they have been illegally staying since May 12.

Recall that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces invaded the border territories of Armenia on May 12 near the villages of Kut and Verin Shorzha in the Gegharkunik region, as well as in Syunik near the Black Lake, arranging military positions there, as well as occasionally arranging provocations that sometimes end in tragedies. So, on September 1, the Azerbaijani military opened fire on the positions of the Armenian Armed Forces near the settlement of Yeraskh. As a result of the shelling, an Armenian soldier born in 1982 was killed.

“As soon as Azerbaijan takes a constructive position and withdraws its troops from the sovereign territory of Armenia, that is, returns to the positions that were as of May 11 this year, then favorable conditions will be created for the start of the process of delimitation and demarcation. At the moment, negotiations are underway, the outcome of which will once again demonstrate the degree of negotiability of official Baku, as well as the willingness of the latter to refuse gross violation of the norms and principles of international law, “

– Ararat Mirzoyan explained, adding that the negotiations are being conducted with the direct participation of the Russian side.

What the negotiations will lead to is still unknown. However, judging by the mood in Baku, it is unlikely that the parties will be able to agree in the near future.

“Azerbaijan, guided by considerations of goodwill, refrains itself from resolving the border issue by force, but it must show the enemy his place, which can be observed in the history of the occupation of the territory on the Gerus-Gafan road by the Azerbaijani troops rightfully belonging to their state. Such events will be repeated until Armenia agrees to delimitation and demarcation of borders without any conditions. Azerbaijani troops will not leave anywhere from their positions on the border of their own state. Secondly, Azerbaijan will continue to occupy areas, points, roads bordering with Armenia, which are within its internationally recognized territory, “

– writes the Azerbaijani Internet edition Oxu.azcalling for the start of the demarcation process “Without any conditions”

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