Aug 8, 2022
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Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon be left without tanks and tankers

Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon be left without tanks and tankers

Photo: AP Photo/Bernat Armangue/TASS

In the last month alone, allied forces have destroyed 344 enemy tanks and armored vehicles in Ukraine. Ukrainian tank troops suffered perhaps the heaviest losses, and now Kyiv simply has no one to throw into battle in the Donbass. And even more so to carry out a ghostly “counteroffensive” in the south.

At least two tank brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine exist only on paper

The tank brigades of the Ukrainian army are actually completely destroyed. This is written by an American military analyst David Ex in an investigation for Forbes magazine. The publication belongs to the Forbes family of billionaires who sympathize with the Republican Party.

However, in sympathy for Russia, neither the owners of the magazine, nor Forbes itself was noticed. However, David Ax’s investigation, which made a lot of noise, testifies that even in the United States, with their frenzied Russophobia, critical voices are sounding louder and louder, calling for an end to pumping Ukraine with weapons.

Ex found out that all the promises of Kyiv to organize a “counteroffensive” either on the Donbass or on Kherson have no real basis. Kyiv receives the promised NATO armored vehicles – but there are simply no tankers left who can control such modern weapons.

Tank brigades are the core of any mechanized army. Artillery processes the battlefield. The infantry holds the area. And the tanks – with their speed, mobility, firepower and protection – directly contact the enemy and destroy him, allow the army to capture territory.

So it is written in the textbooks of military craft. But the Ukrainian generals are not like that, everything is turned upside down.

Each tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have three or four battalions with about a hundred tanks and several thousand servicemen. However, even NATO intelligence does not have accurate information about how many tank brigades the Armed Forces have. Either five or six.

“The Ukrainian command has a habit of keeping understaffed (virtually non-existent) units on paper and advertising them in the media from time to time,” writes Forbes.

Ex summarized the compelling evidence collected by independent observers and analysts of the participation of certain brigades in actual combat operations. And it turned out that only four Ukrainian tank brigades actually exist and operate – the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 17th.

But the 5th and 14th tank brigades exist only on paper, the American researcher states.

Two Ukrainian tank brigades evaporated. And this is at least 300 tanks

The 1st Tank Brigade is arguably Ukraine’s best tank formation with its upgraded T-64 tanks. During the first phase of the special operation, it was this brigade that took part in the battles for Chernihiv.

The following fact speaks of the scale of losses of this compound. When the second phase of the special operation began at the end of March and the fighting moved east, to the Donbass region, the 1st Tank Brigade was withdrawn from the front. Only three months later tankers appeared in the south of Ukraine, not far from Zaporozhye.

The 3rd Tank Brigade, a reserve unit equipped with T-72 tanks, initially fought in the Donbass. Today it holds the defense around Kharkov.

The reserve 4th tank brigade, equipped with T-64 tanks, is also fighting in the Donbass.

The 17th tank brigade, equipped with T-64s, is located on the so-called “bridgehead” on the Ingulets River north of Kharkov. It seems that Kyiv is trying to lay responsibility for some kind of “counteroffensive” in the Kharkov region, which it dreams of Vladimir Zelensky.

At the same time, for example, the garrison that defended Odessa from a possible landing operation included the 5th tank brigade, supposedly a reserve one. All that is known about this brigade is that it was equipped with T-72 tanks, writes Forbes … and nothing more. Where is this brigade now, what happened to it – none of this is known.

The severity of positional battles has now shifted precisely to the border of the Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk regions. And therefore it would be quite logical to transfer the 5th tank brigade exactly here, to the Ingulets River. However, for some reason this does not happen, states Forbes.

For what exactly?

Apparently, the brigade has long been gone and in sight. “There is very little convincing evidence that the 5th Tank Brigade was marching or fighting. Perhaps the brigade is either under-equipped and understaffed… or exists mostly on paper,” Forbes diagnoses Zelensky.

The same can be said about a certain “reserve” 14th tank brigade, equipped with T-64 tanks. Since the beginning of the special operation, this military formation has generally disappeared from military maps, as if it never happened.

Kyiv lied about its own losses – even the Americans denounced the lie

By continuing to report on the presence of tank brigades – in fact, non-existent – Kyiv seems to be trying to cover up its catastrophic losses.

On the first day of the special operation, the Ukrainian army was armed with more than 900 tanks, mostly T-64s. More than enough to form even six full-fledged tank brigades. And this is not counting the tank battalions in the infantry brigades.

The Ukrainians themselves claim that they allegedly lost no more than 230 tanks. But they allegedly captured 280 Russian tanks, and also acquired about 300 new tanks from foreign allies.

In fact, such statements turn out to be a farce, Forbes found out. There were allegedly even more tanks in Kyiv than before the start of the special operation … and the tank brigades disappeared into thin air.

This means that the real losses of tanks are much greater. In addition, many cars were damaged and are waiting for repairs. But the main thing is that there are not enough trained tankers to form tank brigades. They were either killed during the fierce fighting or deserted.

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