Apr 26, 2022
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Armed Forces of Ukraine in front of “boilers” and captivity snarl: Donbass and border regions of Russia are shelled, spending the last shells

Armed Forces of Ukraine in front of

Photo: AP/TASS

Russia completed the first phase of the special operation, forcing Kyiv to negotiate a non-bloc status. Following in full accordance with the classical doctrine ClausewitzRussia can both fight and conduct diplomatic negotiations at the same time.

All this came as a complete surprise to the West, which tries to present even Russia’s undeniable successes as blunders. The battle for Donbass will put an end to it, and it will be a long one – Russia now has a lot of time to achieve its goal.

Diversions and provocations. Where is the “high morale” here?

Ukrainian saboteurs continue to threaten Russian territory. With a difference of five days (April 19 and 24), peaceful villages in the Belgorod region – Otradnoye and Golovchino – were shelled from the Ukrainian side. Governor announced this Vyacheslav Gladkovaccording to which, as a result of shelling, more than 40 houses were damaged, 3 civilians were injured.

Ukrainian militants also attacked the Kursk region, where on April 23 they fired mortars at a border checkpoint in the Glushkovsky district. According to the governor Roman StarovoitAs a result of the shelling, the administrative building of the Rosselkhoznadzor burned down. Luckily, no one was injured.

The increased frequency of Ukrainian sabotage is an indicator of how deplorable the situation is in the Ukrainian troops, unable to conduct any serious operations. This is stated in a study published on the American portal SheerPost.

The founder of the portal is a well-known political observer Robert Scheerwhich has denounced American militarism since the days of the Vietnam and Laos wars.

The author of the study is a former NATO military analyst and security consultant. Jacques Baudwho studied the conflict in Donbas for many years. The expert paints an extremely depressing picture of moral decay in the Ukrainian army. And this version contrasts sharply with the praise that many Western analysts release to the Ukrainian fighters, noting their “high morale.”

And now – objective figures demonstrating that there is no smell of “high spirit”.

Deserters, suicides and anti-Semites

During the fighting in the Donbass, most of the irretrievable losses of the Ukrainian army were not at all related to deaths on the battlefield. Soldiers died from diseases, road accidents and accidents (including careless handling of weapons), poisoning (including alcohol and drugs). Almost every fourth Ukrainian soldier who died in Donbas is a suicide, Bod writes, citing data from the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine.

“[Украинская] the army is undermined by the corruption of its personnel and no longer enjoys the support of the population, ”this is how a NATO expert described the state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine several years ago. Mass suicides and desertions among the soldiers forced Kyiv to resort to the creation of volunteer battalions.

However, they can be called voluntary rather conditionally. They were armed, financed and trained by the US, Britain, Canada and France. Among the “volunteers” were foreign mercenaries of 19 nationalities (including Swiss).

“Western countries have clearly created and supported Ukrainian far-right militias… They are prone to violence, preach a sickening ideology and are ardent anti-Semites,” states Jacques Baud. And he knows what he is writing about, as he studied the Ukrainian Armed Forces for many years.

However, even the Western “volunteers” could not succeed in the Donbass. “The Ukrainian General Staff systematically and mechanically applied the same operational plans. [Войска народных республик] carried out very mobile operations using light means … used the inertia of the Ukrainian forces to repeatedly lure them into a trap, ”the NATO expert points out.

Let’s add on our own: suffice it to recall the most shameful defeats of the Ukrainian army in 2014-2015 – the capture of Saur-Mohyla, Ilovaisk, Debaltseve and many other cities. The Ukrainian military repeatedly allowed themselves to be driven into “cauldrons”, where they were methodically destroyed.

They are trying to turn Ukraine into a second Libya, pumping them with weapons

Jacques Baud considers the current pumping of Ukraine with Western weapons (and often just Soviet weapons that were gathering dust in the countries of Eastern Europe) as an absolutely wrong, suicidal, inhuman decision.

The expert recalls that something similar happened during the Libyan civil war, when France dropped huge shipments of small arms in the Nafusa mountains. The weapons were intended for the Berber tribes who fought against the troops Muammar Gaddafi.

Moreover, the deliveries were absolutely illegal. In addition, France did not warn its allies in the NATO coalition about them. The weapons that fell into the hands of the Berbers spread throughout the country in a matter of days and provoked a bloody massacre.

Now something similar is happening in Ukraine. The weapons pumped up by the country end up in the hands of ordinary citizens, who thereby become an absolutely legitimate target for the Russian Armed Forces. After repeated warnings, Russia launched missile and bomb strikes on the places of accumulation and storage of weapons in Nikolaev, Dnipro and Odessa.

The West needed a beautiful picture of trains with tanks, but Russia’s military strategy from the first days of the special operation was tougher and more pragmatic, states Bod.

Flowing Water Tactics, Demilitarization Strategy

In the early days, the “flowing water” strategy was used, first used by the Israeli army in a military conflict with the Arabs in 1967. At the same time, the troops move quickly wherever resistance is weak, bypassing the city.

The troops came close to Kyiv, but Russia never had the goal of overthrowing Vladimir Zelensky, says a seasoned analyst. Quite the opposite. “Russia is seeking to keep him in power by pushing for negotiations on Ukraine’s neutrality,” Bod writes.

In just six days, Russian troops captured territory as vast as Great Britain. In addition, the designated goal of demilitarization has been achieved—Ukrainian forces no longer have an operational and strategic command structure.

The “slowdown” in the advance of Russian troops, which Western “experts” attributed to poor logistics, was in fact only a consequence of achieving the set goals.

Russia has destroyed the Ukrainian command and will now systematically destroy the exhausted grouping of forces in the Donbass. So Ukraine has no choice but to snarl in the direction of Russian villages with mortar attacks.

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