Aug 18, 2022
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Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass have bitten into the ground: Avdiivka must be encircled, hollowed out with artillery and it makes no sense from the air

In the photo: Ukrainian soldiers walk in single file along the trench

Pictured: Ukrainian soldiers walking in single file along a trench (Photo: Serhii Hudak/ Look Press)

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) went as far as the pen and started quoting… Russian telegram channels. It seems that even the Yankees no longer trust the false independent General Staff, although the Zhovto-Blakyt sources do not forget.

With all the inconsistencies, from the information that leaks on the Web, both from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we can conclude that now, perhaps the most fierce fighting for the entire time of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

ISW experts, by the way, dwelled separately on the battles in the Kramatorsk region of the DPR, more precisely in the forests of the Holy Mountains National Park. The Russian public, to which the Yankees refer, reported that the Russian soldiers left Mazanovka, provoking the Armed Forces of Ukraine to “development of success.”

However, it is understandable why the Yankees draw information from Runet and do not even hush up this fact. Like, if the enemy himself admits his defeat, then you can not even doubt the authenticity. Say, the Russians began to complain about their military fate, therefore, the Ukrainians pinched their tail.

In the ISW version, it sounds like this: if the information from the Russian source “corresponds to reality, then it can be assumed that Ukrainian troops have entered the territory of the Holy Mountains park and are operating on the eastern bank of the Seversky Donets River,” that is, they crossed the river. In other words, we are talking about a “overcome” and, perhaps, even about the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Izyum, which I recently promised Arestovichthe main talker of the “Ze-team”.

The original source, however, says that after the fire defeat of the “Zakhisniki Nezalezhnosti” in the Mazanovka area, “the Russian infantry that entered (into the forest) only had to examine the corpses of Ukrainian warriors who unsuccessfully went on the offensive. Several dozen dead AFU soldiers were left lying in the forest as a symbol of the stupidity and arrogance of the command of the ZBR forces.

It is also reported that the density of fire in the artillery battle in the “Holy Mountains” area is off scale and it is often simply impossible for reconnaissance groups to raise their heads. Ours powerfully hit with cannon and rocket artillery, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine respond from mortars and tanks, but weakly.

If the ISW hadn’t carried the gag, he would have reported that the situation here for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is completely lousy. Recently, in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe “Holy Mountains” park, the Russians have had very small losses, mostly “three hundred”, while the independent troops have a lot of dead and wounded. Which, however, is not surprising, given how much fire Russian artillery spits out.

We also add that reconnaissance groups are working closely in the gray zone, both from our side and from the independent ones. The enemy’s DRGs are now focused on inflicting maximum damage to our communications and warehouses. In turn, the Russian special forces began the hunting season for “Bandera hunters” and succeeded, judging by the reports of the Zhovto-Blakit General Staff.

It’s no secret that the Zhovto-Blakit propagandists from the “Chernobaevka Witnesses Sect” love to embellish their “victories”. And if there are none, then standard phrases are used, such as “the attacks of the Russians bogged down,” after which the ISW experts give a brief explanation that they could not verify the Ukrainian reports from independent sources.

Translated from propagandistic to human, this means that the Kyiv talkers have again lied (a lie on the Move is nonsense). And now the General Staff of the Nenka daily reports on the repulse of unsuccessful Russian attacks, although the Yankees do not confirm this information. But there are interesting facts from our side.

Izyum Front. Every day in these forests, infantry and reconnaissance (Russian) pull their heavy soldier’s strap, destroying superior enemy forces. Under artillery and mortar fire, in a territory mined to the very tomatoes, they are moving forward, ”they write on the Internet.

Of course, ISW prefers not to quote it, but in vain. If the truth became public, the conflict would have ended long ago. Alas, we are dealing with pathological Russophobia.

The American press also reports on the most difficult battles. In particular, the New York Times, whose correspondents often visit the trenches of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, talks about the tiredness of the “independence defenders” who do not believe in victory over the Russian army. According to NYT journalists, independent soldiers literally crawl along the bottom of the trenches during fire hours or hide in underground concrete bunkers.

However, the fortified areas on the Ukrainian line differ from each other. There are those created in a hurry, and there are those that were built according to all the rules of military science. For example, Avdiivka over the past 8 years, as, by the way, the village of Peski, which came under Russian control, was turned by the Nazis into a fort city. Many of the local combat positions have fortified underground passages, for the arrangement of which the Nazis by force attracted local miners.

It is not surprising that often strikes against them do not bring the expected result. It seemed that everything around was destroyed, and, as our pilots gloomily joke, “there, along the way, even the bacteria died,” however, attempts to clean up the seemingly destroyed fortifications to the ground stumble upon the fire of the “independence defenders”.

It turns out that they are “more alive than all the living.” However, for the time being.

So, in Novoluganskoye, recently liberated by soldiers of the 3rd brigade of the 1st corps of the NM of the DPR, you can already arrange real excursions to the Bandera dungeon. This, of course, is not the six underground floors of Azovstal, however, the Armed Forces of Ukraine prepared for defense very seriously.

As the @wargonzo project notes, “during the construction of this fortification, hydraulic structures were used, which were finalized for military needs, which created great need for the assault on these positions. Leisure activities were even organized for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the form of a gym – after duty, the militants could sip the barbells. Could. But now they can’t.”

Again, we will not always repeat the experience of the assault on Azovstal, where strategic aviation was used against the Azovites *, breaking into the most powerful dungeon with three-ton bombs. In Mariupol, the Nazis were locked up at the factory, while in the same Avdiivka they scatter in all directions like cockroaches.

By and large, in order to destroy them, it is necessary to use tactical atomic weapons. In any case, this is how experienced military experts answer when they are asked naive questions about how to quickly “pick out” the Nazis from powerful fortified areas. But our leadership will not go for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, primarily for moral reasons. We are Russians, and not some kind of Yankees who in 1945 burned hundreds of thousands of Japanese in a nuclear fire, mostly civilians.

And also our soldiers and fighters of the NM LDNR pay attention to the hatred taking place in the Russian press, like, it’s time to finish with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In fact, as one blogger accurately noted, “this is a lack of understanding that in fact there are military operations with a capable enemy, who is supported by the entire collective West. Supports with long-range weapons, instructors, mercenaries, targeting and reconnaissance equipment. And we, unfortunately, have the opinion that we are at war with “some kind of idiots” whom we have not rolled into a pancake just because “we have not even started yet.”

The question of how our fighters can break through the independent “Mannerheim Line” has only one answer – hard military labor. Breaking into the fortified areas of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, will not be easy also because the Nazis will actually have nowhere to catch on behind the Avdeevka-Artemovsk-Seversk line. Further to the Dnieper, only the steppe is a true ally of our aviation. So the Bandera people, like the recent Azovites, hold on to the concrete dungeons of Azovstal.

However, even the most stubborn “volyns and radishes” surrendered anyway, which means that the Avdiyevo “independence defenders” will also lay down their arms. There is simply no other way.

The Ukrainian battalion “Azov” was recognized as a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 02.08.2022. Activities in Russia are prohibited.

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