May 11, 2022
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Armed Forces of Ukraine at a crossroads: The General Staff has disagreements with British advisers to Zelensky

Armed Forces of Ukraine at a crossroads: The General Staff has disagreements with British advisers to Zelensky

Photo: AP/TASS

The attack on Snake Island was carried out on the personal order of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on the advice of British consultants. This was reported to the media by a source in the Russian law enforcement agencies.

“The order for a prohibitively stupid attack on Snake Island was personally given by Zelensky and demanded to achieve a“ media ”result by May 9,” TASS reports him.

According to a news agency source, the information was also confirmed that “the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was against this suicidal operation, the idea of ​​which Zelensky was suggested by his British advisers.” Valery Zaluzhny and the Ukrainian General Staff.

“The finale of this action was supposed to be a joint statement about the so-called“ victory ”of the British Prime Minister Johnson and Zelensky, but in the end, only Johnson spoke yesterday, without mentioning a word about the catastrophe of the operation to storm Zmeiny,” the source said.

As previously said the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Major General Igor Konashenkov“adventure ended in disaster for Ukraine.”

“The thoughtless PR action of the Kyiv regime to seize Zmeiny Island on the eve of Victory Day led to the senseless death of more than 50 Ukrainian militants and military personnel of the elite units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the loss of four aircraft, ten helicopters, three boats and thirty unmanned aerial vehicles,” he said.

The disagreement of the professional military with the actions of the political authorities is no longer surprising. Confused and dissatisfied with the decisions of Kyiv, captured Ukrainian servicemen express in interviews with the media, while in numerous messages on social networks, the statements of those who were on the front line sound much more impartial. I previously wrote about the main claims of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “Free press”. Disagreements at different levels are becoming more and more obvious, they are ripening like an abscess that must burst sooner or later, but how much patience both the military on the front line and the army leadership will have the patience to listen to the speeches of Kyiv politicians about peremoga, and to face strife is a big question .

“Supreme Commander-in-Chief Zelensky actually withdrew from control over the troops, blaming it on the General Staff, and the General Staff for the most part does not control the situation,” he said. military expert Ivan Konovalov.

“In many places, everything is in the hands of local commanders. The actions of the General Staff are limited to the fact that they can organize logistics, that is, they bring ammunition, food etc. In general, the very conduct of hostilities on the main sectors of the front is in the hands of local commanders, who act on the basis of the situation.

There was no trust on the part of the military to Zelensky and his entourage before, but now, against the backdrop of constant losses, the defeat of one unit after another, all the more so. One storyteller Arestovich what is it worth. From his statements – one thing today, another tomorrow – people’s heads explode.

Territorial defense brigades were already at the front. This is ridiculous! Teroborona has neither heavy weapons, nor even MANPADS and ATGMs, just small arms, and grenade launchers. They fight desperately, but suffer huge losses, many prisoners. And this is an indicator that there are no professionals left, they were killed. Naturally, this also leads to the attitude towards Zelensky, who makes bets only on PR campaigns.

“SP”: – In the situation with the Snake, the General Staff, in fact, did not agree with the British advisers. Why was the General Staff opposed?

– The British in their role: maritime operations using vertical coverage – this is their approach. They did not forget that they were once a great troubled power, so their hands itched to carry out a naval landing operation, and Serpentine is most suitable for this for a number of factors.

The calculation was that, on the one hand, a small piece of territory is visible from the PR side, and on the other, as it seemed to them, it would be easy to take it. If they had disposed wisely and used the surprise factor, maybe something would have happened, but they were expected, our command knows this enemy well. They would not have held him anyway, but they hoped that if they managed to capture him for a while, then they could declare a victory.

Moreover, for Johnson Now Ukraine is an important PR factor. If he and Zelensky had declared a victory, it would have played into his hands. I think Johnson put pressure on the British military specialists who are present in Ukraine to get this operation carried out. They expected to carry it out in one day and mess it up by May 9th.

The General Staff of Ukraine saw the evidence of failure. The operation has been going on for 2.5 months, the opponents feel and understand each other perfectly. They knew that they would fall into a trap.

“SP”: – Disagreements will grow? Can they lead to a military coup, due to the fact that discontent is brewing in the army?

– If the Ukrainian military carries out a coup, they will find themselves between two fires: the West will turn away from them, and we will finish them off. And how should they be? Zelensky is a figure applauded by the European Union and the US Congress. In the event of a coup, there will be no help from the western side, because help comes under Zelensky, who knows how to cry properly.

There is a second option: sane military (if there are any, which I doubt) carry out a coup and accept the conditions of the Russian Federation. Peace is coming, the restoration of Ukraine begins. In this case, the West turns away from Ukraine, but on the other hand, the sane Ukrainian military should understand that there is nothing wrong with that. The West is in crisis and will soon begin to abandon Ukraine. The oil and gas crisis is already recognized there. Kyiv understands that it is necessary to extort as much money from Europe as possible before it is too late.

Most importantly, the military is well aware that if Zelensky is overthrown, then they have no other choice but to put up with Russia. The West will send them away. But the dissatisfaction is huge.

Ukrainian public and political figure, people’s deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the V, VI and VII convocations Spiridon Kilinkarov considers what happened on Serpentine a provocation in order to annoy Vladimir Putin May 9.

– The General Staff was against it, because they really understood its consequences.
The mood in the army is very different. Representatives of the so-called therodefense are increasingly arriving there, and these are non-professional military men, actual armed civilians who have no experience in combat operations. I don’t quite understand what they’re doing on the front lines. There is dissatisfaction, including with the political leadership. The statements of Zelensky and Aristovich evoke a certain reaction among the military, but I have no reason to believe that they are now ready for an open rebellion or an attempted coup.

We must also understand that the military is now controlled not so much by Zelensky as the commander-in-chief, but by the American and British intelligence services. They work closely with them. If there is such a need, the military will do it with a snap of two fingers, but for now the Anglo-Saxons are in control of the situation. It’s not about Zelensky, who neither controls nor fully understands the ongoing processes.

“SP”: – Nevertheless, the military leadership is already expressing disagreement with foreign advisers on some issues.

— Disagreements, I think, will grow. I see how Zelensky is trying to play the role of Zaluzhny (commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – WELL.) to ignore at all. Nowhere in the media is it customary to talk about Zaluzhny at all. If there is a positive, then this is Zelensky well done, and if there are any negative processes, then the General Staff did not finalize, did not calculate. As long as it goes like this.

I think that this causes some discontent among both Zaluzhny and the military. Everyone understands that Zelensky has nothing to do with development or participation in hostilities, but appropriates achievements and dumps negatives on the military.

“SP”: – If discontent and disagreements grow, what consequences can this lead to?

– Anything. People with weapons are always a danger, it is necessary to control the mood of these people, but Zelensky does not have the resources to control his own army. This control is carried out by other services and people who are not subordinate to Zelensky. The question of his power is exclusively a question of the expediency of his tenure, based on the interests of the geopolitical players who are now playing in Ukraine.

“SP”: – Can the conflict between the Ukrainian military and British advisers grow?

– Not. The active army is the front, these are the soldiers, this is the rear. In order for one soldier to successfully solve problems at the front, 12 people must work for him in the rear. A strong rear is the key to successful army operations. Ukraine today does not have this rear, it does not have an economy, finances. Everything that comes to the front line, that the Ukrainian soldier receives, is provided with work, a conditional Pole, a German, an American who makes weapons, food etc.

Ukraine is absolutely dependent on the West, which finances and provides weapons etc. Without this, Ukraine has no chance. I do not believe that a conflict is possible between those who control the armed forces and the General Staff itself. They understand from whose hand they feed.

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