Sep 6, 2022
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Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing to spend the winter, Kyiv asks the West for underpants

Kyiv was warned back in August that the Vushniks would have to fight when the greenery was exposed, and the positions would give out the smoke of the bourgeoisie.

When Arestovich dispersed the topic of “rescuing Kherson”, a journalist from a British newspaper Telegraph Richard Kemp expressed his prediction that if the special operation continues in the winter, the already precarious positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will weaken, which will increase the pressure of the allies on Zelensky. By that time, Europeans and Americans will already be bored with the Ukrainian “frosty landscape without much fighting”, the political and economic problems of their countries will come to the fore, and the West will forget about Ukraine.

Winter is coming soon

Then British Economistadvising Ukraine to abandon plans to take Kherson before the end of the year, hinted on the unwillingness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight in the winter.

Then the Ukrainian rear servicemen started talking about winter, reporting that the shipment of uniforms in the “gray reed” color scheme (for combat operations in winter and urban conditions) had begun. Volunteers began raising funds and purchasing sets of demi-season thermal underwear, fleece sweaters, underpants, gloves and winter shoes. It’s funny, but on many Ukrainian public pages there were announcements about the purchase of batches of quilted jackets.

Along with the sharp demand for potbelly stoves among the civilian population (today such a cast-iron stove in retail chains costs from 6 thousand hryvnias), applications for the manufacture of stoves for brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Troops have increased.

Potbelly stoves snapped up

The Germans confirm that Kyiv is asking for underpants

The Germans said that Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov sent a letter back in July to NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg with a request to provide winter clothes and winter tents for 200 thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In Brussels, of course, they did not refuse, but they noticed that the United States, Canada, Sweden and Finland would be able to cover only about 50% of Ukrainian needs.

Spiegel notes that now it is possible to state certain difficulties: “Stocks of winter equipment in most countries are reserved for domestic consumption, winter clothing is also a desirable commodity in the world market”, – the publication says.

At the same time, the Germans are critical of the request to transfer the scarce “property of the Bundeswehr” to Ukraine. The poor equipment of the Bundeswehr has been discussed for years. Already this year, the Bundeswehr had serious problems with the supply of its armed contingent in Lithuania with warm underwear and winter uniforms. The fact that the soldiers of the Bundeswehr do not have enough jackets and underwear, wrote Spiegel.

The Bundeswehr also wants warmth

However, something will certainly be allocated to the Ukrainians, all the more so, this is not equipment and ammunition, which Kyiv has already bombarded Berlin with requests for. German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht says: “In terms of winter equipment, such as clothing, field storage materials, and food, Germany can make an important contribution to supporting the defense of Ukraine on the eve of a cold winter.”. She promises to carefully discuss at the next meeting in Rammstein the issue that the winter aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of about $40 million will be paid from the reserve of a special trust fund.

The strange help of the German leaders to the freezing dryers, when Germany is shaken by the protests of its own citizens, who are afraid of freezing. The underpants Minister Lambrecht could keep for her own.

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