May 2, 2021
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Arkan Tarot “Tower”: characteristics and meaning

Arkan Tarot

Work with a deck of Tarot cards begins with a deep analysis of every Arcana. A sincere acquaintance with the interpretation of cards in forward and reverse positions will help you understand the reason for the warnings and use the hints received for your own good.

The reason for the “Tower” card scares many, but this card does not carry any negative. Its main purpose is to open a thorn in the questioner, suggest the constant path to success and find the strength in yourself to change your life. Experts recommend getting acquainted with the extended interpretation of the sixteenth Arcanum in order to heed his advice and find the path to happiness.

The “Tower” card is shown in the layout to indicate to the questioner the inevitable changes. The lasso foreshadows the collapse of illusions and the opportunity to leave in the past what has already lost its relevance. These can be outdated ideas, principles, relationships – a transitional moment comes in life when the questioner needs to calmly put an end to it, open new doors for himself, not forgetting to tightly close the old ones.

Career and business issues: Arkan indicates the need for change, which new opportunities will open. The blow can be big, but when the dust settles, it becomes clear that everything is going as if it should. Rock gives you a chance to get out of the tight box and strive for new successes, to develop based on your experiment.

Health status: the card indicates a possible exacerbation of chronic diseases, injury due to imprudence. The questioner should stately worry about his health and be vigilant.

Relationship: Arkan often points out that relationships have outlived their usefulness, and there is no reason to build a new castle on the wreckage of a previous life. Also, the card says that the questioner can find out the secret that was scrupulously hidden, and, on its basis, decide what to do more distantly.

Arkan describes a situation when the questioner depends on the circumstances, cannot change his life and continues to live with stereotypes. The card indicates the need to show your individuality in order to break the standard and find a path to happiness for yourself.

Career and business issues: The lasso promises changes, but through trials – dismissal against their will, temporary unsuccessful searches for a newly made job or ideas, the inability to bring ideas to life due to the interference of outsiders.

Health status: The lasso portends a speedy recovery and good health after illness or injury.

Relationship: Arcanum “Tower” tells the questioner that he himself becomes the cause of problems in relationships, hiding from problems behind feigned calmness or because of stubbornness. Trouble will continue until it’s time to get out of the self-erected walls to meet the newly-made relationship.

Arkan calls on the questioner to say goodbye to old fashions and find the strength to break the shackles that hinder active growth and development. The map describes a situation when it is time to expand the narrow framework in order to discover the newest path filled with cloudless events.

Any Arcana in the layout, if there are several of them, is majestically considered in interaction with the surrounding cards, to connect intuition and be sure to take into account real events. It will be so much easier to interpret the reason for each card for a particular case.

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