Apr 28, 2021
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Arkan Tarot “Moon”: characteristics and meaning

Arkan Tarot

Any Arcanum from the Tarot deck of Consequences is able to warn against troubles and show the way to prosperity. An expanded interpretation of the cards will help you to better understand your own forecast and not be mistaken in making responsible decisions.

Luna lasso is considered by many to be a bad sign, but this card actually shows in order to prevent the development of unpleasant events. Experts recommend getting acquainted with the extended interpretation of the Arcana in order to understand its meaning in the layout, not only in a direct, but also in an inverted position.

The card describes a situation when great emotions get in the way, forcing you to abandon your plans. Arkan speaks of fears, thicker than far-fetched, speculations or rumors that have nothing in common with the real situation of the deval. The questioner is majestically pulling himself together and believing only the facts in order to get out of a difficult situation.

Career and business issues: the card indicates the uncertainty of the questioner, which interferes with development. Arkan indicates the need to fight with unfounded doubts in order not to stop and attract positive events to life.

Health status: Arkan speaks of diseases that are thicker than chronic ones, when the questioner needs to worry about his health. Often, the card warns of the development of blues and even depression, with which it is dignified to fight in the early stages.

Relationship: in the layout of the relationship, the card describes doubts and a desire to believe illusions. Arkan indicates to the questioner about the need to face the truth, not trusting the rumors from the outside. “Luna” can speak of insincere relations, as if between lovers, and so in the business sphere.

The card encourages the questioner to assess the situation and not be afraid of difficulties: they will soon end, and the black streak will end. Often, Arkan points to the ability to recognize deceivers and manipulators, to bypass uncertain situations in Palestine and to be vigilant, not trusting false words.

Career and business issues: The “Moon” lasso indicates the state of transition, when ups and downs can occur. It is imperative for the questioner to be attentive in order to turn the situation in his favor.

Health status: The lasso symbolizes good health and a quick recovery in case of illness.

Relationship: Arkan points to the need for an immaculate tara-bar-rasta-bar with relatives or colleagues in order to find compromise solutions and forget about disagreements.

Arkan calls on the questioner not to indulge in tremors, which, on the basis of a check, turn out to be groundless. Doubt and anxiety will not help to achieve happiness, which means that you need to pull yourself together and find a way out of the darkness, opening the path to the light for yourself.

The interpretation of the senior Arcana does not tolerate fever, because every card only gives advice. Only those who are blameless in front of themselves and analyze the events of real life can change the situation into their own crawl in order to circumvent the probable problems of Palestine.

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