Apr 26, 2021
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Arkan Tarot “Moderation”: characteristics and meaning

Arkan Tarot

The growing popularity of Tarot cards is not accidental. The Arcana of the Consequence deck introduces the wonderful world, which reveals the secrets of the future. Accurate interpretation of each card allows everyone to receive timely advice and bring happiness to life.

The Tarot card “Temperance” or “Abstinence” has a hidden reason. The message of this Arkan is ambiguous in the scenario, and experts recommend finding out about what the fourteenth Arkan really means in forward and reverse positions, so as not to make mistakes with actions and are guaranteed to check with any obstacles on the way.

Arkan calls on the questioner to find balance and find harmony, to believe in himself in order to successfully complete what he started. “Moderation” means that there will be no brisk solution of problems and cases, but if you come to the process responsibly and not rush, you will be able to avoid mistakes, and there will be no delays. Faithful and honest deeds will lead to success.

Career and business issues: things will progress smoothly if you follow a simple rule: stay friendly and avoid conflict situations in Palestine, do not provoke the encirclement and do not refuse the help that can be provided. The card describes stable times when the questioner can reach new heights if he takes a responsible approach to work, and does not do everything carelessly.

Health status: the card describes an important state of health, and in the scenario for women it may indicate a long-awaited pregnancy and a successful delivery.

Relationship: Arkan describes a euphonious relationship when there is no place for conflicts and mutual attachments in the family. Quite often “Moderation” symbolizes a quick fateful meeting, farewell to loneliness.

Inverted “Moderation” is a card that points to the questioner on the wrong path. Indulging emotions and incontinence will lead to problems and unpredictable consequences if you do not pull yourself together in time and pacify great sensations. Also, the card calls to abandon the conduct of several devalas suddenly in favor of a sequence, otherwise mistakes cannot be avoided.

Career and business issues: the card in an inverted meaning describes a situation when the questioner cannot put the deval in order, conflicts with others and indulges destructive emotions.

Health status: the card indicates possible injuries due to non-compliance with safety measures, exacerbation of chronic illnesses.

Relationship: The lasso symbolizes the stage when lovers cannot find compromise solutions and constantly quarrel. Often, the card indicates the unseemly actions of one of the partners. With regard to lonely hearts, “Moderation” suggests that no changes are expected on the personal front in the near future.

Arkan encourages the questioner to maintain internal balance, not succumbing to emotions. Devala will come to a logical conclusion, and the reward will not be long in coming, if you do not panic and do not commit rash acts.

Any Tarot card can have different meanings in the layouts, so it is so majestic to compare any advice with what really happens in life. You must also trust feelings, which will not fail if you listen to your heart, and not the advice of the environment, if they do not understand the situation.

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