May 4, 2021
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Arkan Tarot “Judgment”: characteristics and meaning

Arkan Tarot

Each Arcana of the Tarot deck of Consequences has its own reason, which must be interpreted depending on life circumstances. A detailed description of each card will help the bearers invariably understand the warnings and bypass the traps of Palestine’s fate.

Arkan Tarot “Judgment” or “Hell’s Court” frightens many, but its appearance in the scenario does not always promise trouble. Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the expanded interpretation of the twentieth Arcanum in order to understand the reason for the appearance of the card and take timely actions that have been visited to improve life.

Arkan indicates a quick denouement, liberation from oppressive circumstances and a breakthrough. The questioner is able to make a leap after a long stagnation and break the shackles in order to reach a new level, find happiness and regain a good reputation. “Judgment” speaks of changes for the better if you act blamelessly and do not stop. Often, the card indicates the ability to put an end to old affairs, close the doors of the past and achieve prosperity.

Career and business issues: the card speaks of serious changes, when the questioner entered a decisive phase, and in order to win, he only needs to take a couple of steps. On this map comes an understanding of your recognition, illusions disappear, in place of which comes the ability to analyze and make responsible decisions leading to prosperity.

Health status: Arkan indicates possible health problems, exacerbation of chronic illnesses, crisis situations, when it is majestic to worry about your well-being.

Relationship: the card describes a situation when there is an opportunity to end the relationship, to free oneself from painful subservience. Arcanum indicates a change for the better, and the questioner must listen to himself in order to invariably choose the path leading to happiness.

Arkan calls not to waste time with talent, to make a decision, even if it is difficult. Changes are already on the doorstep, and if you resist them, then luck can turn away and precious times will be lost. Difficulties will arise if the questioner hesitates.

Career and business issues: the card describes a situation when the questioner cannot get the devala off the ground or find a permanent solution for liberation. Arkan calls not to start legal proceedings, which will end not in favor of the questioner.

Health status: Arkan warns that neglect of well-being can lead to major health problems.

Relationship: the card describes difficulties in relationships when lovers cannot reach mutual understanding. Often this Arkan indicates a quick separation.

The lasso promises changes for the better, but for this the questioner must be attentive, not ignore premonitions and not resist his fate. Natural changes in life are inevitable, which means that it is necessary to do enough to painlessly overcome the stage of confusion and not succumb to the desire to disrupt the course of events.

Tarot card layouts help even in everyday things, allowing you to see the situation in advance and prevent negative developments. Any alignment will be informative if you do not rush to interpret it and be sure to compare the advice of the cards with what is happening in life.

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