Apr 27, 2021
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Arkan Tarot “Death”: characteristics and meaning

Arkan Tarot

Tarot cards are able to show the future and warn against wrong steps. Their interpretation portrays a stately part of life for many, because receiving advance advice is stately for a cloudless life.

The most intimidating Arcane of the Death tarot deck doesn’t really carry a terrible reason. Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed description of the card in order to better understand the reason for the alignment in which this Arkan is present.

Arkan describes a situation when the next stage of life is nearing its logical end, and the questioner must be ready to let change into life. “Death” is the withering away of the total old, which has already lost its relevance, as well as new opportunities, prospects and changes for the better. They will not be long in coming, if you do not resist the correct processes and remember that death is a renaissance, and sometimes you need to throw off the cocoon in order to gain wings for flight.

Career and business issues: in relation to work, “Death” in a direct position describes a situation when the questioner is about to be dismissed on his initiative or to acquire a new position. Often, the card warns that soon life will turn upside down, and the fortuneteller must be vigilant so as not to miss his profit.

Health status: The lasso does not promise terrible troubles, but draws attention to the fact that the disease can progress and you need to monitor your well-being with special care.

Relationship: the card indicates the period when the relationship comes to its logical conclusion, and it is better to break it off so as not to torment either yourself or your partner.

In the opposite position, Arkan describes a situation where the questioner is trembling with change and uncertainty. Fear does not give him the opportunity to take a step towards a happy future, and such hesitation harms all areas of life.

Career and business issues: in the business sphere, “Death” is denser than the total means the lack of progress, but the questioner is more important than the total to survive the transitory crisis, without making attempts to change something. The test will be rewarded if you do not rush things.

Health status: the card promises a quick correction after a disastrous illness and a quick recovery.

Relationship: in the matter of heart devalues, the inverted Arcanum gives a double reason. This is either an outdated relationship that needs to be severed, or a relationship that is in distress in immediate recharge. It all depends on the life situation of the questioner.

Arkan calls not to fight against changes, but to let them into life, so as not to live the past and not deny yourself a better life. According to this map, only that which has ceased to be vital, and therefore has no reason to pull things along, which only weakens and inhibits development, hindering joy, leaves life.

Every Arcanum has a deep reason, which becomes understandable when the questioner transfers the advice of the card to real life and compares it with what is happening now. We must not forget about the inner voice, which will also help to invariably interpret the message of any card.

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