Apr 18, 2021
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Arkan Tarot “Chariot”: characteristics and meaning

Arkan Tarot

A more detailed study of each of the Arcana will invariably interpret the meaning of the dropped cards in fortune-telling. Thanks to the knowledge gained, it will be easier to guess fortune and receive timely recommendations.

Any senior Arkan is able to change life for the better, if you invariably interpret its meaning and take timely measures to go around the Palestinian turmoil. Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the description of the Arcanum “Chariot” in the forward and reverse positions, so that you know for a century what awaits in front.

Falling out in the layout, Arkan in a straight position calls for a dash. The card describes a situation when the devala are moving from a dead center, and the questioner can find his own path to happiness and cope with the constraining circumstances. “Chariot” symbolizes newfound successes, if you do not hesitate in making decisions, believe in your strength and do not stop there. At the same time, it is dignified to observe reasonable caution, not to overestimate yourself, so as not to go into a dead end.

Career and business issues: in an upright position, the card indicates the ability to overcome any problems, if you do not hesitate and make informed decisions. Arkan speaks of stability, when financial difficulties are no longer terrible, and new victories await ahead. The questioner must be assertive and responsibly approach the solution of problems, show himself from the best side.

Health status: Arkan calls to be careful in order not to miss the exacerbation of chronic diseases and to take action in time. The card can also indicate psychological problems, which is why it is so majestic to maintain peace of mind and not overwork.

Relationship: in the layout of the relationship, Arkan indicates a new stage in life when the questioner can find harmony with the chosen one. Also, the card can indicate a new phase of life in the family, when partners step over the routine and kindle the fire of passion.

The lasso symbolizes a dead end, when the questioner moves to the goal, but luck turns away from him due to rash acts and an incorrect assessment of the situation that has developed. Also, the “Chariot” can describe a situation when indecision and doubts do not allow you to step forward and free yourself from constraining factors. The interpretation of Arkan may be due to the fact that the questioner cannot say goodbye to outdated plans and ideas in order to start the path to something new and exciting.

Career and business issues: in an inverted meaning, Arkan calls for abandoning the competitive struggle – it may end not in favor of the questioner. Appearing in the layout, the card indicates the planning of what needs to be done in order to clearly imagine the goal and in the future to easily remember to it.

Health status: the card indicates chronic diseases, which will make themselves felt.

Relationship: conflicts are outlined in the relationship, which will have to be resolved immediately. Their future will depend on the actions of both partners.

Arkan advises to act categorically so as not to waste time, but at the same time not to act recklessly, forgetting to assess the situation at each of the important stages. Victory will not be long in coming, if you look into the future with optimism, realistically assess your strength and be prepared for the fact that events will develop in unexpected ways.

Analysis of card layouts will be truthful if you ask intelligible questions, and also connect your intuition. An inner voice will help to interpret the meaning of any alignment and not be mistaken in choosing a further path.

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