Feb 18, 2021
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Arkady Ukupnik explained why, after two civil marriages, he took his third chosen one to the registry office

10:01, 18.02.2021

The 68-year-old composer spoke about his personal life in the show “The Fate of a Man”.

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Arkady Ukupnik, who is known as a singer and composer, who wrote songs to Irina Ponarovskaya, Kristina Orbakaite, Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov, became a guest of The Fate of Man. The 68-year-old musician spoke about his personal life, recalling his two civil marriages. The relationship with the third chosen one acquired a completely different meaning for the artist. Natalia Turchinskaya became not only a faithful companion of Ukupnik, his reliable friend and mother of his beloved daughter Sofia, but also the one who took Arkady Semeenovich to the registry office. After all, before her, the author of the song “I will never marry you” did not want to tie himself by marriage.

Ukupnik said that he made the decision to marry with lightning speed, although several years after meeting Natalya. And the reason was a conversation with a common friend of the composer and his wife. “I was at the notary, this is our friend with Natasha, and she says to me:“ Why are you not painted? ”. And then she said that she had Natasha and said that, in fact, she was not going for me. This annoyed me so much that I immediately proposed. It happened on December 9, ”the hero of the show, Boris Korchevnikov, shared his memory.

After 11 years of marriage with Natalia, Ukupnik had a daughter, Sofia. The composer was then almost 60 years old, and he did not plan to become a father for the third time. “The Lord condescended, she just took it and appeared,” the musician commented on the birth of the youngest child. It is noteworthy that nine-year-old Sofia Ukupnik also came to the shooting of The Fate of a Man. She said that last summer, her parents gave her a Maltipa dog, which they named Leela. It is worth noting that the girl’s mother is allergic to pets, and in order for her four-legged friend to live with them, she had to undergo treatment.

Arkady Ukupnik with his youngest daughter Sofia

We add that Sofia Ukupnik regularly goes with her dad on TV shows. She has already been on the set of “It’s great to live!”, “Hello, Andrey!” and others. The artist’s nine-year-old daughter is not afraid of attention and camera. It is known that she is already trying herself as a singer, performing what the star father wrote. In addition, Sonya enjoys painting, plays tennis and studies languages. The heiress of the composer goes to the third grade of the linguistic gymnasium “Victoria”.

Recall that Arkady Ukupnik has two more children from previous relationships. In a civil marriage with his first wife Lilia Lelchuk his son was born Gregory… The man is already 40 years old, he lives in Germany, where his mother moved after a divorce from the artist. Second lover Marina Nikitina, gave the composer a daughter Yunnu… When the parents divorced, the girl was eight years old, she was very upset by their separation, so for a long time she did not communicate with her father. “She told me:“ And you are completely different, not the same as my mother told me, ”I don’t know who is to blame, I’m probably,” Ukupnik admitted.

Arkady Semenovich added that he left his women himself, while the affair with Natalya began when he was still in a relationship. He noted that his current wife at that time also met, so their union hurt many. Nevertheless, the hero of “The Fate of a Man” does not regret that he met Natasha, who made many things look differently. “She laughs, wakes up smiling. And we, comedians, are most often depressed, ”explained the reason why they are together Arkady Ukupnik. He recalled that Kirkorov’s song “Sweetheart”, in which declarations of love sound, he dedicated to his third wife.

Arkady Ukupnik with his family

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