Jan 12, 2022
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Arina Sharapova: “I’m losing weight all the time!”

Arina Sharapova: “I’m losing weight all the time!”

Arina Sharapova has long been the face of Channel One.

Once she was a co-host in “Fashionable Sentence”, for many years hosted “Good Morning”, regularly appears in various television projects of her native channel. But today we decided to talk with the TV personality not about work, but … about food. And we learned a lot of interesting things!

– Arina, what dish can you cook even with your eyes closed?

– Scrambled eggs.

– Scrambled eggs – a simple dish, but everyone has their own recipe. How do you cook?

– First, in a frying pan, I fry a toast of Borodino bread. Then I put on it a piece of cheese, a piece of tomato, and on top of the fried eggs just cooked next to it. And I cover my scrambled eggs with a lid so that it is “sealed”.

– Are you generally a hospitable person?

– Certainly! When there is time – especially! I like to meet guests, set the table. All my life I have been doing this, because we have always had great feasts! There is a whole mountain of dishes in my house. It is important for me that all the guests have enough plates, forks, spoons … But recently a lot of work has appeared – television, business in my school (the TV presenter founded her own school of creativity. – Ed.), and I also wrote a book. Therefore, all my plates, forks and beautiful tablecloths lie untouched, and I look at them longingly, remembering the delicious salads, snacks, meat dishes and so on and so forth prepared once.

– What is your signature dish?

– The highlight of the program at any holiday is Olivier salad. Wherever I am and whatever I do, salad must be on my table! Next comes the meat baked in the oven with prunes and garlic. And there should also be a herring appetizer on the table. But not a herring under a fur coat! I serve herring without unnecessary frills – with onions and in oil. And I must say that the herring always flies away first. And then I really like to do this: I boil potatoes, sprinkle them with dill, put them on the table in huge plates. And next to it should be either a large piece of meat that you can cut and put on your plate, or some cutlets. I also cook Korean salads, which also always go with a bang. But to bake, I say right away, I do not know how.

– Are there culinary traditions in your family that are passed down from generation to generation?

– We have no desperate cooks in our family. As, however, there is no food cult. Everything is simple, without unnecessary pathos. As God sent, so I do. And often the menu depends on the time I have.

– As a child, you lived in the Middle East for several years. Has the local cuisine influenced your tastes?

– Since we ate at home anyway, it was the usual homemade food. But if we went to visit, then, of course, we were treated to national dishes. What do you remember the most? Probably pilaf. But I don’t cook pilaf. It so happens that I’m losing weight all the time and somehow I’m not up to pilaf at all! (Laughs.)

– What is the most “delicious” country for you?

– Probably, these are Italy and France. And the most “tasteless” is America.

– Why?

– Because the food is terrible. These burgers are stupid … I used to be in America quite often, and I was horrified by the food there. I went to eat in Chinese or Japanese restaurants, but not in American ones, because there they will give fries and a cutlet, and you sit and think what to do with all this … For me, there is nothing better and tastier than a plateau with seafood. The more seafood you have, the happier your life!

– Do you miss this dish?

– That’s for sure, because it is impossible for them to gorge themselves! We have, after all, basically all seafood is frozen.

– Product opinions change at the speed of light. The same butter is sometimes criticized, sometimes praised. Are you studying the question of the usefulness and harmfulness of what we eat?

– I replace butter, for example, with fatty herring. And if I fry something, then I use ghee. Sometimes I mix it with olive. And we don’t eat butter at all.

– Tell me, do you belong to those who have a chocolate bar in case of a bad mood?

– I now have two chocolates on the table in my school office, which I brought from Vladivostok. And on one it says “sea salt”, and on the other – “hedgehog and kelp.” Such interesting sweets with the addition of seafood were invented there. I tried this kind of chocolate in Vladivostok – very tasty, by the way! She brought him with her for a rainy day, but she never touched him. I look – and do not eat, can you imagine what willpower! (Laughs.)

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