Apr 24, 2022
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Argentina will not impose sanctions against the Russian Federation and will not ban Russian media

Foreign Minister of Argentina Santiago Cafiero stated that his country does not intend to impose sanctions against Russia, as this is not a mechanism for achieving peace and stability.

Under pressure from the United States, Argentina condemned the use of Russian armed forces on the territory of Ukraine, but resolutely refuses to enter the sanctions war against Moscow. “Our way is the way of the world”the minister concluded. He stressed that Buenos Aires would join the UN decision on the issues of Ukrainian refugees, if such was adopted.

Regarding the possibility of banning Russian media in Argentina, Cafiero said: “We are against such methods because freedom of speech is respected in Argentina”.

Washington has not yet been able to bring the countries of South America to a common ideological denominator. While such clearly pro-American countries as Colombia, Chile support the anti-Russian policy of the United States, more independent Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil have taken either an openly pro-Russian position or a position of friendly neutrality.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro bluntly stated that the United States and NATO are trying to crack down on Russia by military means. The Cuban Foreign Ministry blamed NATO and the political elites of Western countries for the escalation of the conflict, which refused to have a constructive dialogue with Moscow.

The isolation of Russia from the outside world promised by the Americans remains an empty threat. Not only South America, but also many countries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa have not joined the US anti-Russian initiatives. Algeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Uganda, Sudan, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Ethiopia and others reject the strategy of political and economic pressure on Russia.

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