Sep 17, 2022
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Arestovich: the United States ordered the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defeat the Russian army before winter

Arestovich: the United States ordered the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defeat the Russian army before winter

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The Ze-team decided to shift the focus from the destruction of Nenko’s critical infrastructure by our missile strikes to “Bucha 2.0” in the territories seized by the Independence Guards in the Kharkiv region. This is scribbled by experts coming out with reference to their sources in the political backstage of Bandershtat.

The fact is that in Ukrainian social networks one can hear the animal howl and at the same time the plaintive whining that the hulks will have to spend the winter without “light and heat”. You can even read that the “office” (functionaries of the president’s office) raised the stakes too quickly in the conflict and angered the Kremlin. So the actors of “Quarter-95” are rushing about with another “horror”, clearly designed for coming out and euro suckers.

The Kyiv junta does not succeed in killing the infrastructural catastrophe that is impending on Ukraine with “Russian atrocities”. Even in the US, they understand that the media is a favorite hobby of actors who have broken into power. Yes, the Ze-team will receive some profits, but not much and not for long.

Let’s say right away that Ukrainian truth-tellers do not believe in “Bucha 2.0”, and Westerners, as they say, don’t give a damn about Slobozhanshchina, where “Rusnya, shovels and cotton wool” live. Nevertheless, the Zhovto-Blakit people understand that Zelya is filming a horror movie just to keep the western fat layman in good shape.

In parallel, the Ze-team accelerates the “peremoga-case”, like, a little more, and the Muscovite defense will crumble like a house of cards. Nenko’s main talker Arestovich claims that the Russian army needs a breather in order to recover from the “victorious” counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to Se-Goebbels, “2-3 more such defeats of the Russian army, and they will no longer need a respite. Our offensive continues and it is very important to inflict a crushing defeat on the Russian army before winter.”

The key message for the community in Arestovich’s message is the designated deadline – “before winter.” That is why the Armed Forces, under the influence of military drugs, still attack Russian positions, losing up to a thousand “two hundredths” and “three hundredths” per day.

Meanwhile, in the Russian expert community, a point of view has appeared that the General Staff is throwing the last “NATO” brigades trained at Western military bases into the meat grinder. What is interesting: the fighters of the NM of the LPR say that “according to their personal feelings, the ukry is running out of steam, and in battles it is better to trust the gut than the officialdom.”

Under the phrase of Arestovich “2-3 such defeats of the Russian army”, according to the Ukrainian telegram channels from among the last adequate ones, the “wet dreams” of the White House are hidden. Nenko bloggers who know the balance in the political party are sure that the words of “Lucy” should be listened to carefully. Talker No. 1 is now voicing the plans of American puppeteers for the autumn period.

On the one hand, Arestovich’s statement that “the complete defeat of the Russian army is a matter of time, and Russia itself is about to face a catastrophe” should be viewed through the prism of the maximum program. But on the other hand, we must pay tribute to the Zhovto-Blakit media workers, who unleashed the Kharkiv “overcome” to the fullest. So, according to Se-Goebbels, the Zhovto-Blakit society now allegedly wants to “fight to the last” (Ukrainian).

Say, this is indicated by the results of the latest KIIS poll (a service entirely controlled by the office of the President [Украины] – auth.). It turns out that 87% of the citizens are not ready to make territorial concessions, although in the coming out social networks, even with the naked eye, a total demand for peace is visible, and at any cost.

“Arestovich, as an experienced manipulator, substitutes concepts. The situation on the (Kharkov) front is only one small component of the conflict. Equally, and in the future even more important is the situation on the economic front. Although it is already clear that the gradual, irreparable destruction of infrastructure is definitely leading Ukraine to the apocalypse, ”writes one very well-known blogger in Nenko.

According to his assessment, Nenko is sinking deeper and deeper into the debt hole, while the hryvnia is rapidly depreciating. But in Russia, the catastrophe promised by the Americans is something not to be seen. On the contrary, the Russian Federation is still in the comfort zone compared to the EU, and the Kremlin is not going to mobilize at all.

When Russian “all-propagators” and Bandera hypocrites try to play on the image losses of Moscow (due to the Kharkov counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine), for a number of independent truth-tellers, this looks simply mocking. There is a huge difference between what is happening in Russia and what is happening in Ukraine. As if the countries are on different planets.

Even if you look closely at the fronts, here you can clearly see the line of the Russian General Staff on the “long game”, which Zelensky and his team will never win. Ukro-experts see the Kremlin as “relaxed” when hysterical turmoil is observed on Bankovaya.

An unnamed source from the General Staff explained to the independent Telegram community why “it is not profitable for the Kremlin to attack right now.” According to him, “we would have done the same if we were in the place of the Russians, since time plays on Putin“. Well, yes, they took the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for example, part of the Kharkiv region, but in Kyiv no one knows how to spend the heating season in the occupied territories.

While the territory controlled by Moscow will spend the winter warm and in the light of chandeliers, the “liberated” lands will freeze and sit by candlelight. You don’t even have to be an expert to predict the mood of the local people, who found themselves under Bandera, somewhere in April.

“Arestovich will not tell you this, because Bankovaya is interested in maximum escalation. And they never felt sorry for people, we were convinced of this on our own skin, ”I have to admit the well-known truth-teller in Ukraine.

In addition, the rear for the front is like a foundation for walls and roofs, while an economic catastrophe begins in Banderstat itself. For example, the cost of a grocery basket is already flying into space, even local fruits and vegetables, despite the season, have risen in price by 60%. Moreover, no one in Nenko, even in the independent cabinet, has any illusions that the situation will at least not worsen.

It is no coincidence that Arestovich reads every day to the residents of the Washington training manual, which says that now the most important task is to get the Russian Federation out of the state of comfort in which it is. Moreover, the designated deadline “before winter” directly speaks of the need to “overcome”. In short, according to calculations from the White House, if the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not inflict “2-3 defeats” on the RF Armed Forces and the NM LDNR and do not launch an anti-war Maidan in Moscow, then with the cold weather, the Kremlin will slowly and affectionately strangle the EU with an energy noose, at the same time sending Nenko into the apocalypse.

Lest there be any doubt, the British Financial Times explained to those who doubted that the United States would not be able to help Europe survive the winter. Now, without exception, independent Internet resources, without exception, quoted the head of the investment company Quantum Energy Partners, Wil Van Lo, who told the FT: “The United States cannot produce more. There will be no help. Neither from the side of gas producers, nor from the side of oil producers.”

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